Berecz Vanda

berecz_vanda-1-274x412I had no idea what to deal with. I learnt Japanese at the high school, and writing was the closest to me. I thought to be a writer, so I applied to the Budapest University of Sciences, with major of Hungarian and Japanese. Finally, the Japanese major did not start. I suffered along two years at the university, until my family suggested to change. I have always liked to sew, and I enrolled to a training course. Meanwhile I trained myself at a drawing school.


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At least, I was admitted to the University of Art and Design (MOME). I selected the leather major. It was a good community, the teachers were excellent, and I liked going there. We learned a lot about design, but, unfortunately, I knew a little on the profession itself.

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Once we got a task: to select an exhibited object in the Museum of Arts and Craft, and to create a new, reinterpreted one based on it. I selected a hexagonal small bag, fascinated by its form only. I like origami, so I solved the task with folding.

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“When entering the”Gombold újra” (“Button It Again!”) fashion talent competition, I worked on my “Motiva” series. Folding flower forms, I used the experience gained with the hexagonal bag. I was in the best 20 in final of this competition, and what is more, my bag was selected for the Hungarian Design Award exhibition.”

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“I create a collection of 5 forms, compiling in two different colour sets. Always paying attention to the general aspect of the shelves, either selecting pastel shades, or tailoring of brightly coloured leather.

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Preparing for the “Gombold újra!” competition of this (2013) year, I have experimented with the clear-out design elements of the Budapest metro stations, created in the seventies. Instead of the ‘Hungarian folk’ motifs, ‘urban’ themes are closer to me. For my ‘Metro’ shoes, I got inspiration from the colour plastic chairs. This year I am again in the finalist’s row among the „newcomers”. The competition is a close fight, for there are the representatives of the “old hands” as well.”

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The famous Heinrich ironware store was in this hundred-years old house. Later it was converted to an office building. Due to the economical crisis, the new owner halted the reconstruction. Rented by a group of young artists, one floor was transformed to the Heinrich Creative Level. “ I am glad to find this place, renting this room” she says. “Looking out of the wimdow, it is especially good to see the university facing me”.

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She already has a workshop, the profession confirms her talent, her diligence is coupled with patience, the market is interested, and there is desperation. But the enthusiasm is not enough, if you cannot get information on the trade, if it is impossible to find connections, and if the young people can obtain hundred-years old, offcast machines. “ After all of my unlucky purchases, my sewing machine works outstanding. I have a classmate whose only fourth sewing machine she bought, succeeded to work, at least. You must be pleased for every little outcome”

14/6/2013 Budapest





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