Szűcs Blanka

szucs_blanka-1-274x412“Dress designers prefer to work for size of 36 or 38. In this country the size 40…44 is more frequent, and the comfort has the priority. Recognising this point, my goal is to create comfortable and unique dresses, while nice-looking even in any size.” How can be a tailor-made dress both comfortable and good matching, both trendy and timeless, both unique and socially accepted? The answer is in the material. .


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We are talking in a high-tech environment. Not ostentatious, rational, yet special. Dark gray concrete surfaces, steel wires, natural wood paneling, thoughtful, proportional and generous space. In addition to the up-date technical design, shuffled just for surprise, classic family pieces, few small keepsakes, and some nice patch of colour. Plain materials, used imaginatively.

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“For me, material is the first. Typically, I put together textiles of all kinds. The plain material is tamed or effierced by stripes and ribbons.  Even if a bright stripe is rising to view from the gray and natural colours, the suit remains reserved, and it assigns uniqueness to the wearer.

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The cut does not have as much importance, as the textiles modified by the new concept. The wear, created by association of variegated materials, colours, and surfaces is really “covers” the human body.

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The accessories have the same role as well. It is easy to upgrade a simple T-shirt or a bored top using a scarf or a vivid armrest. The point is the technique of the craft, producing quality, uniqueness, lasting values, and individuality. Making jewelry is a relaxation for me. It is my “blow off steam” therapy.

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How to carry on the dress tradition? Pleating is regarded as peculiarly Hungarian. Our grandmothers both at city and country wore well-pleated frills on weekdays as well as on holidays. I use it often and gladly. Perhaps these touch of past causes the costume being reserved.

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Graduated at the College of Applied Arts, I started to work at the shoe factory of Dunaujváros. I had an apprentice contract. After three years, we hardly had any job at the design department of the factory. For I graduated before as cloth and leather designer, and because I preferred to deal with textiles, I started an own business. I am making custom-made textiles and dresses.

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Her creations were presented at fashion shows in Paris at the Louvre, and were exhibited in Vienna, New York and Tokyo. What is more, at the international fashion competition of the UNESCO in 1995 she was elected to the narrowest circle, as one of the world’s top fifty young designers.

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