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wahorn_andras-1-274x412Born as Pintér, he but wanted another, particular family name. As a wolf growls out of the forest: “Wa-Horn!” Even at the age of 16 he signed his paintings in this way. Images with caption. There were family members engaged in drawing seriously, but he did not learn from them, everything comes from his instinct. His strongest instinct is the sexuality, therefore his pictures tell on this.                                                                                                                                                                            .


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“In 1990 I felt to finish my job in Hungary.” That time in Vancouver the cultural issues were the lesbianism, the AIDS, and the oppression of blacks. And the American galleries apply the mainstream.

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They angrily rejected the traditional sexuality. “ For me, there is no compromise in art. The art is about the freedom. Even my own ego must not override what I am making. Be the mouse tail a little longer, if it looks better.”

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I went to New York, there happens my culture, the future is boiling there. Miles Davis, Jimmy Hendrix started there. At home, I read American literature, the “Apocalypse Now “ told me more than the Hungarian movie the “Cold Days”. Listening blues, I was not interested in the ethnic dance revival movement.


I had to realize that I had to learn English to explain my pictures. I can not be successful without speaking the language of art. The visitor wants to read even at the entrance what is to see. Without this he does not enter. As Tom Wolfe tells in “The Painted Word”, the public is not satisfied with their own experience; rendering of pictures is not enough.

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The Klasky-Csupo studio has a great prestige. ‘The Simpsons’ started here. There is a keen competition for a well-paid post, even if the owner himself invites you. In this Hollywood cartoon studio the background drawing people manages the pen in a soft way. “ I had to learn how the lines are fluttering”

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We worked solely according to the instructions of the art director. Sometimes I could not resist myself, and I wrote “Wahorn” on the licence plates. I was informed that they hunted for them. I received a warning.

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“In Los Angales there is not much energy. What the others made in a day, I accomplished in two hours. The remaining time I drew on post-its. I returned home with ten thousand post-it plates. Said, it is a diary, but not. My daughter called me back.”

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“The world changed. The computer won at all. I was learned. For a while I was the webmaster of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Arriving the new media, the time of the paint plus material expired. Not long ago, if you wanted to see what is not at home, you hung up a painting, to be looked for a lifetime. You needed the masters. Today the designers serve the demands. I realized I am not an avant-garde anymore”

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“I feel good in the music. Even if painting, I think of the drums of the Siberian shamans. The stretched canvas on the wall absorbs the vibrations of the soul. The energy freezes inside forever. Looking at the paintings and feel vibrating together with the canvas, you will love the picture.” He puts some pieces of timber on the fire. This wood remained of the shed-and-studio, burned down. The rebuilt, spacious part of the house has clay-plastered walls; a single iron stove can heat up.

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It could be talked more on the rural tranquility. In the field, transformed to helicopter landing place, Bátor the dog run up and down. “ I plant vegetables only. Last year I had beetroot of such a size. The work in the garden makes me moving well. In the city I would never leave the house.”

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wahorn_andras-24-274x412 Díjak: /State awards: Munkácsy díj (1993) Magyar Köztársasági Érdemrend lovagkeresztje (2007) Elérhetőség: www.wahorn.com


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