Vereczkey Szilvia

vereczkey_szilvia-1-274x412“Textile manipulation is called what I do. Today, I am teaching it as well. At the University of Applied Arts, I prepared myself to create minimalist collections for textile factories, intended to use in modest milieu.  My curtains, bedspreads, pillows, wall pictures will do transform the small flats of dull housing estates into attractive homes. But the socialism was ceased, the domestic textile industry collapsed, textile printing factories were closed down. And I stood on the ruins of my dreams.         .


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I am interested in the fabric and texture itself. I started to experiment. Splitting the cloth into small pieces, I create smaller surfaces. New fabric is formed in various ways.

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I never wanted to deal with dresses specifically.

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Pieces of textiles are arranged into patterns, and then fixed with sewing. Meticulous work. Sometimes I fold and wrinkle the material. I work on my ideas in a systematic and long way until I think I brought all out of it.

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“Walking around the city, I obsessedly collect the exciting materials. I already have good places; well worth to peek into dress shops. I look for unique, noble textiles. I discover fine silks, viscose, cottons of amazing shades. I’m always surprised that people do not even know what treasures are around them.”

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“Converting materials, textiles became more vulnerable and susceptible. Using my objects, you should know that my scarves and tunics are actually jewellery, and my hangings are art objects. It is hard to find a place for my works. Driven by something, I am sure my time will come when people understand why I am so passionate. Just for this, my trainees are surely successful. I am proud of them!”

Visiting a mountain place



“When we moved in, it was important that we had enough place for my family, for my engineer husband and my children and for my job.”

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“Well, I occupied now the whole flat. My works are everywhere.” She opens the cupboards; there are rows of textiles waiting for laceration. Stripes of tulle, silk, viscose, strings of beads hang around, threaded pieces of textiles are vibrating in artistic arrangements as butterflies. Bunches of airily translucent or metallic-glowing semi-finished materials invoke the moods of turquoise summers or rusty autumns.

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Simple and unique jewellery, stoles emphasising or covering the shape are created for young or extra-seeking ladies. Hangings, curtains, pillows, carefully folded, are for devotees of minimal art interior design.

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Metal fibres, iridescent yarns, colour ribbons are on the desktop; collection of feathers, bugles, exotic stones, for example, dalmata jaspers. Recently she is engaged in making neck jewellery. “I shuddered with delight one day. When I visited one of my good acquaintances at noon, I heard her phoning: ‘Come quickly, you need to see what Szilvi brought!’… I stood there observing that the ladies, coming from lunchtime, are nearing to my downtown shop with confident stride and vivid excitement.”

1/12/2010 Budapest






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