Fajó János

fajo_janos-1-274x412“I painted it blue-yellow-green, because that day I wanted to eat something cold. The other one across yellow-orange I did when I wanted some warm dish – I thought he makes fun of me, but immediately went on: Six basic elements build up the world of painting: triangle-circle-square, yellow-blue-red. Their distortions make the half-forms, and the half-colors. All other is smudge. Look here: the red circle is not any more an illusion of a red apple, but a flat shape only.”



He grabs a pencil and drags the line on the paper.

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In Békéscsaba, the next-door old master carpenter could perfectly copy postcards using square mesh. I’ve tried. A few weeks later I found myself in the art circle. Really need to learn to draw, that a man could make abstractions with courage and certainity!


We pass on to an exciting question: what are the collectors looking for? “Until the expressionism, the art was exclusively a contemporary genre. The Baroque man was not interesting in the Gothic. This view changed after Cezanne. He destroyed the system, creating a new artistic language. We have this language internally, although we do not know about it. Since then, artists follow their ideas and thoughts. From this I conclude that the public do so as well. Nevertheless, there are few to afford not creating for orders. These people were Max Bill, Vasarelly, and Kassák. I worked together with them” – in his voice, honesty and respect – “ They were committed to the freedom of the ideas. They also fought that the art should not be the privilege of a narrow elite.”

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“The colour reproduction, the serigraphy, and the perfect screen printing. You need to work with high accuracy and to use the always-due material. My wife is a chemist, she could manage the paints. She halped me a lot, and her payment was goog” – he adds with appreciation and wise irony. He encourages us: – “The real collector buys postcards first, then booklets, later he has some money to get a print, and then the time comes to buy an original sheet”

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Whitewashed flat walls, huge windows, and shine-free floor are in the studio of unthinkable dimensions. A large work-desk, a chief-like cat on it. She is Marcus, a full-bred wild cat with ruthless nails.


Watching the TV series “University of Omniscience” (TED) we clearly understand at least the essence of constructivism with its simplicity and high level. After patient explanations and some biopgraphical episodes, crossing the main hall, a miracle happens: the walls begin to live. Arcs of olours and forms are carrying us from space to space. Suddenly a fiery red embrace emerges from the plane, instead the grey shadow a vanilla or neon green stripe shows the way. We are roaming among the painting and sculptures.

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“I bought this one back in a legacy auction, it lacked from my ouvre” – he shows a packed picture on the floor – “ I have to know where are my works” – he smiles. The first of his each era is here. Based on his previous experience as gallerist, he knows exactly how the audience is working.

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Getting into his workshop, energy and activity emanate from everywhere. “ We frequented the non-ferrous foundry of the Csepel Works to experiment with packfong and cooper in night. There were not the best times to accept our results, but from the wievpoint of applied art the experiments on materials are inevitable.” – while talking, he shows the alloys with solicitously, smoothing the wood.

fajo_janos-12-274x181 fajo_janos-13-274x181

Can we understand so that the material gives the potentials being concealed in it? We idle over this point as well. “You must not cheat. Linen canvas must be painted with linseed oil only. This oil will be soaked up to the canvas, unifying, being eternal, and no shiny. All other paints can peel off, just a matter of time”

25/11/2010 Budapest






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