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szunyog_laszlo-1-274x412 In the seventies a bright future was predicted for the mining town Tatabánya. A housing project of block of flats covered the one-time swamps of Sárberek (‘Muddy-grove’), and civil cooperation excavated the boating lake. A world has turned a big there. When the Millennium (year 2000) arrived, the local government dreamed a deserved statue into the charming little island at the corner of the lake.



“In this way, my sculpture ‘Prince Géza with István as child’ (1) was placed there. A father and his child, it is far away of all stereotypes, and even further away of the attired figures of the usual solemn, elated moments. To settle the orientation I. Kovaliczky, astronomer helped me, because the sculpture is a sundial as well. The columns present the winter hours, while the stone slabs display the summer ones.” (1) István became the first king of Hungary

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“The next town, Nyergesújfalu recently decided ordering a new statue on the pedestal of the WWI heroes. The reading committee disliked my plan ‘Pieta’. They did not understand the metaphor of the torso legs, while I did not understand what kind of pain is reflected by two unimpaired legs flailing. My sculpture ‘Seed-sower’ was refused in Szombathely, too.” .

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“The shaft #15 is almost at the end of my garden. The mine was closed long time ago. In summer, a few sculptors are gathering here. Receiving waste steel pieces from the ASG plant, we let our imaginations work freely, considering the laser-cut holes and the amorphous forms. The ‘Gate Guardian Lion’, the ‘Car with Harp’, and the ‘Homage to Giacometti’ became the decorations of my garden. “

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“I have commuted to the College of Győr for 17 years. I see the landscape, the Danube across a peephole. Along the way, I have enough time to contemplate on my disciples. I profess arts for will-be school-teachers. I have to manage with a sense of humour and due deliberation the shortcomings, with which the students come to us. “

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“My doctorial thesis was written on the Expressionism. The subject forced me to analyse my own work and artistic conception. I formulated that I follow the semi-figural abstract style. It is not specifically expressive, for I use structures, but not even a rigid constructivist. Somewhere in-between.”


“I apply the ‘wax losing method’ to create coins and statuettes. So I can use anything as models, even a dry piece of bread. “

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“I am preparing three new pieces for an exhibition: Figure with Rod, Figure with Stick, and Figure on Slope. As a hara-kiri, or an endless suicide? On a sketch I called them so: confession on the existence. “

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“What an absurd idea to face the future end of our existence. We, human beings are even aware of this. Having this painful acquaintance, our existence is staggeringly beautiful, being unique and unrepeatable. But I think that is why our experiences are so beautiful.”

23/7/2013 Tatabánya





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