Holló István

hollo_istvan-1-274x412 The ring means to us, mostly, a jewellery on our finger. It is not a real surprise if a cat’s tail curls around your finger. But it is a bit strange, if a mountain goat prances from your annulary. Their speciality is so compelling that both can be seen at an exhibition poster.




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“ I made two-finger rings, and palm jewelry. Then I invented all sorts of creatures.”

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People liked them. Even the profession notice these successes. The uniqueness, the world of little creatures and gadgets capture the imagination. Especially if made of silver.

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Precious metals were respected by all cultures. The same is in this country as well. But nobody realized that the official hallmark could damage the sculpture-like jewellery, therefore it must be destroyed. “I started with unique objects, and suddenly I found myself at a strange place, at the market.”

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“I was fed up. I already made silver jewelry for table sets. I thought to apply the same design in a bigger size. Since then, I work with ceramics. “

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He graduated at the University of Arts and Crafts with major of metalwork design. Fortunately, he was absent in the ceramic lectures where it was taught dogmatically that plaster and glaze should be kept apart. So, from sheer curiosity, he mixed glaze and plaster, creating an exciting surface, used till now.

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“They say all sort of things what these objects bear resemblance. They refer to ancient cultures, but these objects are simply animals and figures born in my mind.”

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“It is very rewarding to work with chammote clay, because it is stable, and I can try the impossible freely.”

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Sometimes he returns to his original workshop, acting as coin designer. It was he who created the coins of 3000 and 20 000 forints, issued by the National Bank on the occasion of the Millennium.

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A question: will he ever produce silver jewelry? He is creating it now, but of ceramics. It is true that only rarely, because few understand and appreciate the meticulous and precise work as well as the special glazing.

31/1/2013 Telki





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