Szöllősi Rita

szollosi_rita-24-274x412During the Now Rous, the Iranian New Year, everybody goes crazy for two weeks. As a custom, they plant wheat, then they put the young wheat-crop in boxes on the car roof. When starts, the box falls down, and the green covers the streets. We lived in Iran for years. Instead of Easter bunny, they buy gold fish. These are swimming in glass jars at home, in the office and in shops. The fish is the symbol of rebirth and luck. Even beans are in fish form. Passing in their hand the loosely fixed small plates, faithful people burble “Allah Aqubar” when walking.



“I was inspired by the nomad and dervish jevellery. We followed some tribal families, so we knew their lives. I collected all sorts of objects: spoons, harnesses at a flea market, full of fine pieces. There is a particular plant at the stony desert. Sticking out its head from the soil, it shows to the treasure hunters where is an ancient burial site with figurines, buckles perhaps.

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I graduated at the University of Arts and Crafts as dress designer. Just after graduation, almost as student, I was awarded for designing a complete outfit. I am textile-oriented in the jewelery as well. Actually, I weave my jewelry, just like a chain-armour. I have developed a special procedure: beans are strung in spiral form, and then applied to the base motif.

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I cannot get bored with so many beautiful stones and beads around. Amber can be so much different: yellow of countless shades, or the red ones. The name of the green one is ‘angur’, grape. These are melted and pressed of tree resin. You can test it simply with a match: the genuine will not melt.

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For the first time, we brought home several carpets by chance. The nomadic hand-woven rugs of Persia always have a defect, for only Allah can be perfect. We found some cradles as well, made of leather or homespun. You can imagine of what condition. When they were moving in the desert, they put the baby in it, using no diapers.

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A trendy lady of Iran does not wear nomadic jewelery, only gold. At home she follows the western chic. She will not buy traditional rugs, only city style ones of perfect quality and of strong patterns. The traditional, low-key carpet will not fit to her taste.

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The Iranian woman has a thick, luxuriant black hair, so if her neck flashes out, it is highly erotic. Once in the amusement park I had only one tuft hanging off from my scarf, and the guardsman observed. The women contiuously make an effort to ease the strict dress codes. They put a huge rose on the tip of their heads, so the scarf on their foreheads is swinging upward. The jackets are streamlined, nipped-in, over the pant a miniskirt is pulled.

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Ladies compensate themselves with rich make ups, fine balsams, beautiful underwears. Iranian women can work, if wearing chadoor or at least scarf. They can have driver’s licence, and they are strong drivers. They have equal rights at least in the street traffic, and they use their rights. “

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An exceptional world, feminine tricks, good luck amulets, a message of eternity, perhaps a pure esthetic experience. Only a tale, what the ladies could understand only.

25/3/2012 Budapest



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