Bodóczky István

bodoczky_istvan-1-274x181“There is a paper museum in Japan. I was invited there, allowing to bring someone with me. My son and myself stood the opposite side of a huge basin, immersing the frame into the slimy, thin pulp. We struggled a lot until we could produce the very thin but incredible strong paper of ours. Five works of different styles, made by five artists of from around the whole world were left to the museum. My object was the asymmetric.


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A ten-year-old boy instructed me how to make a kite. I wanted to entertain with this toy my four-year-old son. My first experiment departed in the mud.” Then he made some developments until he published three books on the know-hows. Alas, all of them were sold.

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“In general, the balance of the surface-to-weight ratio makes possible the object remaining airborne. The asymmetric kites do have a hidden symmetry, but this symmetry is not visible. The two sides, however, have the same lifting power.

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“The perpendicular planes can be opened with hinges of cords. It is my invention. In this way a kite can be posted even to Los Angeles. The buyer, having an eco-house, suffered with his kite for a week before putting together.” Lesson: do not forget the instruction manual.

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Turning around the corner, the flute music, sometimes with kakofonic piano and violin passages is lacking. It is a summer holiday at the music school. Wrough iron gate opens, a steep wooden staircase leads to the studio, above the fifth level.

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The walls are empty, but not only because being freshly painted. I am not pinning up any works of mine, because it would bother me when starting a new work: I did make this and that before. I am still working on the ground, thought more difficult to to stand up.

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“I call my paintings three-dimensional conceptual costructions, capable to fly.” This way an idea can fly away, literally! He works with lightweight tracing paper. The silk is stronger, but he does not like to paint it, using it only for reinforcing the paper. To reinforce, molten plastic foil or glued thread mesh are used as well.

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“A kite can delight the others until undamaged, but we humans are not eternal things as well. It was unthinkable for me, that one of my kites caused a problem for the antiterrorist unit in a museum. They made the precautions concerning to the visit of a public dignitary, and they thought the kite hanging in the great hall would be dangerous to the people walking below. They put here and there the light and delicate structure until it was broken.

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The people look at the artistic objects differently. In a little village of Eastern Hungary, Told, the kite is unknown. “I was called there by Ms. Ritók of the ‘Igazgyöngy Alapítvány’ (Pearl Foundation). This foundation works on the artistic development of six hundred, extremely poor children living in defenceless. The children chose a theme, then they painted it. For these girls and boys no need to talk about the complementary colors, they know by heart and roots. They honoured best this picture, with the two yellow hands. The abstract art is serious for them. And, we were able even to fly the kites at the football field!”

15/8/2011 Budapest



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