Borkovics Péter

borkovics_peter-1-274x412Around the inner glass object an outer shell of glass is constructed. This is basically what we could catch from the secret on the so-called diatreta (“double layer”) glass.

“I started my experiments when the National Museum of Hungary, Budapest requested me to make a copy of their diatreta vessel. Only 12 pieces of that type of glasses remained in the world.”


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Supposed that these Roman glasses were produced between the 2 and 4th century, and perhaps only one family knew the secret how to make.

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“ First I experimented with the letters for weeks. The text around was ancient Greek: ‘Drink and devote to the pastor’ ”

The toothed rim was preceeded by much work as well. The original is sophisticated and complete, so it is a challenging task even with the today’s technological developments.

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It was his work for a half year. His energy was depleted by the many experiments and the full devotion. Despite the delicate instruments, one wrong move and a piece of lacy tooth is broken. Fragments were flying. Sanding the bowl, I needed to cool it with water to prevent being ruptured by the heat. The copy finished is in the museum.

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So far, I made several hundred fusing. This mood lamp is my diploma piece. It is here because we change the halogen lamp to LED. It is special because of the elongated flames. The furnace needs a special attention. The wire, suspending the object, becomes longer, and there will be a completely different form in seconds.

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His life is full of excitement. Accidentally, the form, planned to be geometric, became dented. If bubbles occurred when heating, you can be happy or sorrowful.

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“The spaghetti glass is pulled from hot glass. Its quality depends on minutes. If nearly invisible bubbles are inside, the shine will be different. “ It is a decorative element, he prefers to use it, but no doubt, very sensitive.

borkovics_peter-16-274x412 borkovics_peter-17-274x412borkovics_peter-18-274x412

His brandy glasses of guaranteed exclusiveness, every piece needs a unique mold, because the plaster molding material shall be broken up, otherwise the glass produced will not come out. Every piece of the delicate glass, coming from the broken or chipped objects, is carefully retained.

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He struggles with the fine lacy teeth; he works stones of materials into the glass table pane of one-and-half meter long, travelling among three workshop, his head is full of new ideas, experimenting, working, teaching… and yet, he is eager to change the subjectof conversation to praise his colleagues of craft arts

11/11/2011 Budapest


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