Vén Zoltán

ven_zoltan-1-274x412What is the difference between the etching and engraving? “If I enter a gallery, it is engraving. If everyone else, then etching. The dry point (engraving) technique is very accurate. One tendency of it is a precise academic style, the other is called free incision. We cut the same line from both direction with a the razor sharp chisel”- he shows it bending over the magnifying glass. “In the cooper etching, there is a lot of unwanted effect. Unreliable. To prepare bank notes, documents, stamps engraving is used.



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The 500-forint note was safe, as well as the 100-forint one, delineating Meggyesy’ sculpture, ‘Mother and Child’. It was a team effort in which I participated.”

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„Csaba Rékassy, the true professional engraver, was a true bohemian. This is a story on him. Just before Christmas he borrowed 500 forints from his mother. He gave back with delay, so he made a banknote of 620 forint, containing, as he thought, the interest and the inflation. He wanted to produce few copies only, so he crossed out its back. I engraved the backside, presenting a strange alchemy workshop, titled ’How to produce money of shit’. My director normally understood the joke, but I was fired.

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Polyvalent colouring enriches engravings. What is more, it is possible to apply subtle shades inside a colour, using different depths of carving.

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Using powdered rosin, the aquatint method can make the surface more exciting, that is, more tonal. An excellent example for this technique is this picture: „If my grandmother were the Queen of England”.

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According to the classical standards, beside of the title of the printout, the artist marks the technique of preparation (often abbreviations are used: C2 cooper etching, C3 engraving), as well as the paper type and the copy number/sequence number.

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His ’ex libris’ activity is listed at international level. Publishers are well aware, that they always can count on something strange, stunning. „ You can not know in advance what is capturing immediately, and what will be a good stroke later. They are afraid the skull. If erotic, they are considering: what the neighbours would say?”

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His paraphrases can be easily understandable knowing the Bible, the lives of the saints, the history, the literature, the arts… and the small and great things of the life. There may not be a taboo in the world on which we could not laugh! Others apprehensively think that there are things not object of joke. But, everyone has the freedom to decide. „Sapienti sat”.

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Along the line of the engravings, not free of irony, we please to discover „Annunciation the gasoline engine”, „Lot fleeing from Sodom” bringing thousand objects of the modern life, „ Jacob’s dream with the angel” showing looms and tailors in the Heavens…

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And Our Lady marching to the Heavens by embroidered elevator surrounded by angels. And, enhancing the mental tensions: what is the play of the devil?

22/12/2011 Budapest





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