Török Sára

torok_sara-1-274x412“I remembered the giant mulberry tree in our garden, among the green leaves you see the brown boughs, across the foliage the weak afternoon sky shines out… I received an order to create a side windowpane for the portico of a hundred-years old wooden cottage in Sweden.




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Having there only snow for months, why not is possible to enjoy the atmosphere of the warm summer days, even if for passing away minutes, when stepping out to the frozen word? I loved this picture so much that I create for myself a smaller windowpane of same colors and techniques.”

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“My ancestors were artists, I started to make ceramics since I was six years old, I learned the fire enameling and the glass plumbing, but I spent my life in the artist district of Szentendre in vain, my parents wanted me to run a non-artist career, because they were anxious. So I became a forest engineer. Had I not been dealing with glass, I would have been, by qualification, a tour operator for hunting. I like the smell of plumbing, of the paint, of turpentine. When I moved my workshop to the tiny storeroom of a ten-storey building, I decided to produce lamps of glass, and I knew I were happy if I could afford my expenses and some food “

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We met at the “Szimultán” School of Fine and Applied Arts. A real friendly atmosphere of Óbuda, a calm patio, a vanishing romance. In addition to the management of the school teaching drawing, glass arts, and interior decorating, she can enjoy her artistic inclinations.

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She works with fusing. Modeling with clay first, a mold is made of plaster. A glass plate or glass collage is placed onto the mold, melting together in a special furnace. This new technology gives limitless opportunities.

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She is experimenting zealously and consciously. Prints of leaded glass are prepared, stained-glass mosaics are melted, not only for flat surfaces, but for any other forms.

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To make golden letters visible from both sides? Professionals do know that this is nearly impossible. But she succeeded; the sacred letterings will be at the entrance of the Church of St. Paul the apostle at Madárdomb, East Budapest.

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Working with fired enamels gives plenty of ideas. Millefiori inlays are often used for pendants. The special Venice/Murano glass is well fitted to this green field.

torok_sara-17-274x412 torok_sara-18-570x378

This furry freak thing is a product of glass recycling, it is crushed glass cast into mould. Homogeneity of the glass can be tested with polarized light. A surely homogeneous material needs to prevent the glass brick or the unique design object from cracking by time.

torok_sara-19-274x412 torok_sara-20-570x378

The glass bewitches and seduces. Its wide variety gives satisfaction to the diverse tastes. „ A friend of mine recommended me to create a classic Tiffany lamp for her healing osteopath. It was not to my taste. Among the geometric patterns of warm colours I concealed several flowers. After a year the customer brought back, he can not live with it. I bought back. A painter friend of us came, wanting to buy something for the 85th birthday of his mother. He chose this lamp. Soon the beloved one deceased. In her last minutes she looked at the lamp.” „Have you a more cheerful story? – After long silence we asked. „Do you think it is not the most humane story?”

25/5/2011 Budapest


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