Korom Tibor

korom_tibor-1-274x181Sunshine outside. We are listening the emotional tenor of Bocelli: “Besame, besame mucho…” behind the lowered blinds, closing out the outside noise. Pale lamplight in the room. With closed eyes the 3D surround effect is stronger. We are here because of the loudspeakers.                                                                                                                                                            .

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“Together with my girlfriend of delicious taste I renovated my flat. I purchased the best loudspeakers available. Returning home to the environment of carefully chosen furniture and colors, my lady only said: what do you want with this coffin?”


He had got the lesson: how to break out of the box form. He started to experiment with shapes and materials. The sphere is the most ideal shape, and the polyamide is the ideal material, a stone-like mixture, not resonating to the sound waves. High frequency tweeters are mounted into wooden lathe-work

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For a loudspeaker, the main acoustic parameter is the volume in liters. A sphere size is increasing with 5 cm. The heart of a system is the cable and the crossover. The best ones are electroplated by 99.99 fine silver in the National Mint, the 99.98 fine is produced at a galvanizing workshop. A silver cable of 2-3 meter length can be 1-2 million Forints worth, produced by expert manufacturers abroad.

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The membrane of a woofer/subwoofer is made of Kevlar, carbon, or ceramics. Inside the cabinet there are the amplifier, the passive elements of condensers and coils, and the crossover, all packed in soft material. The good loudspeaker has perfect linear characteristics, so giving back all sounds perfectly and flawlessly. It can be tested with computers using special microphones.


Capacity is given in watts, but the real frequency response is more important. “There are naughty companies, wanting to sell their low parameter devices. In this case they are advertising their product as excellent to home movie. We are few in the world being capable to exactly reproduce the original sound of musical instruments with high fidelity. Yes, we produce ‘high end‘ quality.”


“We are making unique objects of high technical content with unique design. When the hardware is ready, the enclosure gets an airbrushed priming cement layer, then we paint and polish it by hand. I did not think seriously first to utilize the Sistine Chapel fresco motifs, but, finally, a friend of mine, Kálmán Gasztonyi, painted two pieces of “The Creation”. Total surface of an enclosure is more than a square meter. Any texture can be prepared (leather, stone, rattan, mosaic, etc).”

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When Prince made a concert here, a loudspeaker decorated with Hungarian traditional “matyó” pattern was put into his dressing room. After the show, he received it as a gift, to remember Hungary. Flowers on it were painted by fine lines by Zoltán Gut, a porcelain decorator.

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The set of customers is diverse. Design and sound effects need to match to the flat. Hollows in the furniture are absorbing the sound, while the sounds are bouncing and interfering on the walls, if the room empty. As a key importance, the design must match to the flat, that is, that the housewife like it.

14/11/2013 Budapest



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