Székács Zoltán

szekacs_zoltan-1-274x412“I think the painting is not a picture puzzle! The artist paints the gestures and lines by intuition, and there is no need to decipher everything. My pictures are a kind of totems, signal sources. Not necessarily readable ones, rather primary signals, having meanings at the moment of the painting. The artist creates his own myths using colors, forms and signs.”                                                  .


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All around pictures, sometimes covering each other gently, rich colors, studio atmosphere. His genre is the flat plastic art, in other words, statuesque images built of monochrome ways. This is a synthetic world, where the space is not painted, but arises from the use of the material. An ancient wall, showing rune-like patterns.

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“I make collages from my drafts, using to produce my paintings later. Often, I have included a picture in picture; sometimes details are highlighted with gold foil.

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Remaining some pieces of canvas, these leftovers are applied to my paintings, cut into stripes. It may become the part of the composition. I use coarse sackcloth as well.

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I mix sand with paint to produce a special background, what you can etch, plaster, and stamp. The sand makes the brillance of the paint to blend; the paint become more flat, more pastel-hued. If I want to produce a very hot colour, oil or bitumen is used. My pictures are made of mixed technique, I use everything from collage to the terra-cotta and graphitic pastes.

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I like sealing even more. I usually prepare my seals of wood, linoleum, Styrofoam, any different materials. I found old wooden seals even in the second-hand market. It is a rarity, probably they used to seal grain sacks. Its best use is on handmade paper.


Familiar African elements: sand, dryed bull’s heads, fired totems. The etchings, stratched on surfaces resembling on fissurized dried soil or crumbling plaster, have a special message. “ I am inspired by the African culture. They produce works of elementary power, they portrait the environment with incredible simplicity, they use natural materials in displaying.”

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He works mainly for exhibitions, preparing new objects for any occasion. The themes need systematic thinking. “When painting, I must transfer my inside energy, I have to apply it into the picture, that the picture should tell it to the wiever later.”

1/8/2011 Budapest




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