Exhibition of Dóra Varga glass artist 6-21. October 2018

Kiskep Gallery has represented Dóra Varga glass artist since 2014. Fused from rough glass frits (pate de verre), her sculptures, when touched lightly, procedure strange, melodic sounds. It did not take long for the artist, who is keen on experimenting and keeps an open mind towards other art, to start enhancing the message and substance of sculptures by adding connection to music and film. Her works bring visitors a halt, and encourage them to take an interactive path.

Sound spill, named after the exhibition’s central set of works, calls attention to processes that both pollute the environment and damage people. The work comes to life with help from the viewers: the sounds and noises that bring in mind the agony of the seas were prepared by sound artist Esteban de la Torre.

In cooperation with CAFÉ Budapest


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