Smetana Ágnes

szmetana_agnes-1-274x181It was 1st of April, the Fools’ Day. Just waiting friends at home, the phone rang. Calling from the Hotel Hilton, the person insisted that he was the secretary of Robert Redford. I thought it was a joke. Redford filmed in Budapest together with Brad Pitt.Later I heard they moved to the Castle Hill because of the endless harassments.


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Edit Lőrincz, the interior stylist of the hotel filled the rooms with my vases. Redford had them packed up and took it all. I got an hour to meet with the actor. I did not go to the hotel referring to our guests, but in fact I had no courage. I was enrolled to the high school as glasswork drawer, but they wrote ‘glasshouse drawer’ into my certificate. I imagine myself as I sit in a greenhouse, and I draw…

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My life started in a back room-and-kitchen flat. From the smog-dimmed gallery hardly entered the light, and the time passed unobserved. Even the indoor plants could not outlive. That time I made my vases of corn leaves form.

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“The twelve years that I spent there established my way. I do not think that there is an intuitive artist. I am thinking in systems. Having planted a tree, I watered the seedling then pruned the branches, while the others ate already the fruit.”

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She could choose several directions. She can produce a colored glass pane without lead lining, or represent the minimalist style, so trendy nowadays (see this vase with blades of grass).

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Craving for Szentendre, I moved back to there, to the green ambience, where you can be soaked with the Nature. If there is no flora around us, we are suffering. We cure ourselves with small gifts, women wears flowered dresses, pinning stamina and stigmas into their hair. We desire the primary adventures, what the city steals of us. Our nerves will not tolerate the destructive and secondary urban atmosphere, we will rise against it.

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We don’t blow the glass here. When working, no philosophy, because there is the glass. You could see neither the color because it is glowing red, nor the form because it is soft and moving. When cool, you can see whether it is a successful child, or like grandfather: great ears, but still lovely.

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My toolbox, my dentist’ bag is always at hand, containing the all-important tools, pliers, and so on. This is my working glove, the other is the Sunday best. I always accept right-handed leather glove.

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The recent vintage is fairly rich, decorated by poppies, plums, cherries, grapes, magnolias, clematises… “ I am aspiring to that the form do not be static, regular. On the end, all objects get a patina in a molten tin bath, to bring together the colors.”

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Winter is for charity activity. Her postcard-collages represent the same accuracy, entirety, love and liveliness, as her glass objects. Meanwhile I imagine the young woman, who desired very much for a bicycle, and when Santa Claus brought a snow-white bike, she immediately started to ride in the ice-covered City Park…

7/12/2011 Szentendre



Ferenczy Noémi-díj (1996)





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