Samu Bence

samu_bence-1-274x181“I began photographing early, looking mainly for details, minimal surfaces. I was interested neither in large spaces nor people. My grandparents were chemical engineers, perhaps I inherited my affection for geometry and shapes in this way. Even in the “stone age” they gave me a rattling computer as a present


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No games were installed, but I enjoyed the drawing programs. I soon learned to write programs. Due to the family video filming, perhaps, his attention was not engaged by the static things but everything what moving. “I was excited by the animation, if there is no written story, but the movement is effected by external factors. The videomorphic installation generates an illusion, as if the audience swims in the room. I began to project these in parties first. I succeeded to enter the university not to the animation major but to the video one.

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We met at the University, at the Department of Media Design. His diploma work is in a safe corner. This interactive sculpture is actually a sensitive totem pole. When a spectator approaching, the sensors launch the digital motors, opening and closing the paper fans as petals. The wicker braid is a tribute to the memory of his father, a sculptor.

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When he was a third-year student, he already taught his computer experiments. “It is usual to talk on new media. The subject is the technology itself. We need to consider its feature in the same way, as for any other material, as for stone or wood. The surprises and the failures of the subject, and the accidents are part of the creation. Those painting feel different atmosphere, but here I did not give brush in the hands of the students but digital pencil and tablet-monitor.

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The University provides artistic perspective. For the self-expression you need to seek, where you can work in this employee-based world. The media of reception is shaping. The art project of the Pannon headquarters was programmed for three years: the pictural changes of the optical frieze, placed in the huge lobby, are generated by different physical parameters, for example, the weather changes.

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Telenor office building (photo by Molnár Ágnes )

Shanghai World Expo. The Hungarian pavilion has got a good press. Apart from the successful introduction of the “Gömböc”, it was not reported what the visitors felt inside the auditive and visual space providing strange experience, changing according to the state of the indoor atmosphere.

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One thing is certain: young people start to understand what they want. It is not enough for the human being to see and hear what is fabricated for him. The multi-touch table and the beat-box are present. Imagine a music desk, what is basically a tablet monitor, where we can pluck string instruments with the touch of our fingers, and we can beat the drums to our mood.

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“There is no limit of imagination! You are together with your friends, sitting around a table representing the latest technological refinery. Talking quietly, but rather listening. While watching the beautiful white peebles, tranquility is extending. Growing dark slowly, peebles start to light. Thoughts are released. Suddenly something moves, immediately it turns bright, everything becomes white, and the peebles disappear. Latecomers arrived abruptly…” This was the first show. A voice said: “ Do not move! It was so magical!”

17/8/2011 Budapest





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