Pumpkin lamps


“Pumpkins from the Buda Castle — to eat, to drink, to carve”

Enthusiastic participants of all age were expected on 20th October at the Országház Street, in front of the Kiskép Art Gallery. As a year before, we got/bought big pumpkins to carve jack-o’-lanterns by the local little ones (of course, helped by parents and friends). What is more, the meeting was served with hot squash soup, fine squash cookie, and mulled vine. The slogan was: „a fairy lantern to decorate all doorways and shop entrances of the Castle!”

Recipes of the soup and the cookies at the Gallery


kiskep_toklampas-36 kiskep_toklampas-18 kiskep_toklampas-35

Somebody likes dogs, others do cats…


How many pumpkins? Sure 25, but might be thirty…


Thanks for the contribution to: FIAN Concept Folk-art, St. Valentine Folklore, Fekete Holló (Black Raven) Restaurant, Ősbuda Pizzeria, Dénes’ Deli Shop, Owl English Books, Ms. Nóra Kiss from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Balthazar Restaurant, Fortuna 21 Restaurant, Pest-Buda Restaurant (you could see our lanterns at their entrances along the next week…). Special thanks to the Restaurant Pierrot: the cat-faced lantern of the Gallery was donated by them.


Well, we’ve given some to the restaurants in the neighbouring street, too


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