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melcher_mihaly-1-274x181He galopped out of the court of the damned house. In the outskirts of the tiny Serbian village he glimpsed a wolf, crawling out from a swale in hurry, then disappearing. There was a pale sticking out of the ground. The vampire was stabbed in the chest with this pale. With grave glance Marquis d’Urfé left off speaking for a while in the house of Earl of Schwarzenberg’s widow, in the night after a scientific meeting in 1815, while the audience watched with excitement and skepticism the mysterious history of the escape from the family become vurdalak. (Based on the story of Alexey Tolstoy)

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Pushkin wrote a poem on the cemetery meeting of Vanya and a vurdalak. According to beliefs (as Wikipedia says), it is possible to transform to vurdalak (werevolf) on Wednesday or Friday night, at full Moon, when the moonshine casts on the man’s face.


„The sculpture ’Vurdalak’ was given a name by Vera Varga, art historian. She said: ’This is like the Moon implanted into a wolf, or, as if the wolf swallowed the Moon’. On contrary to my wife (Margit M. Tóth, glasswork artist), I never give a name to my sculptures in advance, and I never write the title on them. While I create the woman’s shape realistically, my animals get their form in the way of progress.”

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„One morning a German shepherd dog came to our yard. It wanted to live with us. There was nothing to do: we lodged it. Baba, the two months tike already my choice.”

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Four kilns are lined up at the wall. “We use so much for practical purposes, being switched according to the sizes of the molds. In the big one a molding just cooled down. No, it is not blue, it is violet, the neon light changes the tint.

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Then follows a lengthy process of grinding and polishing. The casting is never perfect. He does not care the bubbles and inclusions; they definitely fit into the concept.

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“When I needed to select my secondary school, I thought: whatever but learning, so I selected body ironer. When I was 16, I started to frequent the Dési-Huber Art Circle to draw. A friend of mine invited there, he dismissed, I was stuck. I selected the major in the Academy of Arts and Crafts in a similar way: where was required the least amount of technical knowledge. So I came into contact with the glass.”

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Where did the constructivist influences come from? He enumerates a long line of lovely stories on Uncle Pál, Uncle Jenő, Uncle Béla. When talking with a member of the Szentendre Artist Community, we need to know that they are the famous masters of art: Deim, Barcsay, Czóbel. You do not have to guess long, just to look around. Recently he paints again. The pleasant smell of the linseed oil hovers around the green pig, the domesticated vurdalaks, and the fabulous figures of our word of beliefs.

10/2/2012 Csobánka


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