Lukácsi László

lukacsi_laszlo-1-274x181“My father worked at a mirror factory. I was seventh-grade, when he brought me to the plant. I cut and polished glass there first. Even my classmates did not believe that I cut facets on tumblers. Since then, my life is for glass. “We lived in a Budapest apartment house. When I was in the College, I made a small furnace on the fifth-floor laundry room for myself, and for years I secretly blew glass, mainly blue-colored. Sold in boutiques like hot cakes. Then one day I stopped the glass blowing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .

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I have discovered more opportunities in the mirrors and in flat glass “

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The light streams through the skylight of the studio. Almost blinding. Among mirror plates and glass panes we move barefoot on a soft white wall-to-wall carpet. Not to worry, there is no broken glass. “I always say, no flurry around glass, it teaches us spotless cleanliness. One of my professor said: only bad glass breaks, the good one is cared.”

lukacsi_laszlo-8-274x412lukacsi_laszlo-25-274x412  lukacsi_laszlo-9-274x412

There is a final process, when the finest dust can be removed from the almost-ready object with hands only. For days I do not cream my hands, dried by soap and water, so at this important phase I leave no fingerprints on the object.

lukacsi_laszlo-10-274x412 lukacsi_laszlo-12-274x412 lukacsi_laszlo-11-274x412

Machines and tools are in meticulous order. “I plough manically back a lot of money buying machinery and tools. The family is often wailing”. He contacts the grinding disc to the glass block with an elegant move. “At rough-cutting, using high speed, the tiny shards are bouncing. Safety glasses are obligatory. But to see the glass is not enough, you need to feel it”

lukacsi_laszlo-13-274x412 lukacsi_laszlo-14-570x378

Discoveries come with work. For example, the innumerable variations of the fan-like mirror layers. Rays are expanding, then narrowing.“ My largest fan object carried off gold medal at Kanazawa, out of 470 works of international artists. After all these years, numerous glass museums and galleries of the word know me as the ‘Fan man’”.

lukacsi_laszlo-15-570x378 lukacsi_laszlo-16-274x412

“In addition to the characteristic shape, these objects have a special inner life. Had I polished an object perfectly to shine, it would reflect disturbingly all from its environment. The silk-like light of the surface produces an inimitable inner life, and for this reason it is not purely a fan. I am inspired by the wings of the soaring birds, by the fins of fish, pebbles, leaves… A lot depends on the sensitivity, all the subtle flutter should be monitored for the nature is the greatest sculptor.”

lukacsi_laszlo-17-570x378 lukacsi_laszlo-18-274x412

“The title of a statue is never important to me. But, I am curious what the visitors are thinking on my objects on work. For example, a shell gave the inspiration for this object, but, making just exactly the same, it lacks the artistic value added. You may call it shell, but according to my otolaryngologist friend, it is a cochlea. “

lukacsi_laszlo-19-274x412 lukacsi_laszlo-20-570x378

“This is the thickest glass pane existing. It will be a backlit image. I perceive the glass as a liquid. I made several experiments on how is possible to call forth a water wave effect from the glass.“

lukacsi_laszlo-21-274x412 lukacsi_laszlo-22-274x412lukacsi_laszlo-23-274x412

“I need to polish by hand a lot, an error can be turned out at any time, so it is impossible to plan the time consumption. The deadline is my greatest enemy, because I have to work on a glass sculpture as much as the material and the surface requires. Recently, the airport taxi waited me at the front of the house until I finished the object for the London Plateaux Gallery exhibition. Even I left my due wardrobe at home, because at the final run I threw accidentally my dungarees into the suitcase.”

15/07/2011 Budapest



Kanazawa / 1. Prize (2010)

Habatat Gallery (USA) különdíj (2009)

Ferenczy Noémi díj (2002)




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  1. Volker Knauer 2014-04-14 REPLY

    Best Greetings from the European Glass Price of the Veste Coburg 12.04.2014.
    You are the best Glass-Artist and -Sculptor for us:
    Volker und Renate Knauer, Neustadt/Coburg
    Dieter und Ursula Skiba, Neustadt/Coburg