Kusnyár Eveline

kusnyar_eveline-1-274x412“I am always dissatisfied with myself. For this reason, earlier I pushed the paint from the tube directly on the canvas. The stronger the colour was, the better I felt. For this reason I received a strong criticism first. Since then, I use more subdued hues.” .




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“My Ego is fighting with myself. My pictures go on this fighting. For example, little soldiers are fighting around my head, like one of my Ego with the other one. Many times I ask myself: hey, little bee, what is your future?”

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A great temptation for her environment is to find her vulnerable points. “When all of his comments peeled down from me, my darling laughed triumphantly: You can not whistle! Whistle in two acts, or I do not know what even a bird can… So, in response, I painted this two pictures.”

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“A lot of my pictures are about my weight” – she laughs the ascetic problem engaging the young women.

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She is shaping the confidently posing young woman (perhaps even herself) with several brilliant tones, resulting what all real woman of today wants to radiate from herself: sturdiness, style, intelligence, passion, mystery.

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“Amsterdam is for its bridges. I visited the town, I stored many moments of the bridges, and I painted them later. I won the scholarship of the Amadeus Foundation with this series.

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“We are two in this room, I came later. It is great for me. At least, I need not clear the desktop, spread the foil, and get out the paints when arriving from my civil work time. Now I come here only, and what is more, I can create large pictures, having enough room.

kusnyar_eveline-15-274x181 kusnyar_eveline-16-274x181

Here it is not a big disaster if the electricity goes out; using the lights of my laptop and some candles I can paint as long as I want.

21/8/2012 Budapest


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