Kotormán Norbert

kotorman_norber-1-274x412When the train arrived to the station, it was heavy snow. “I wonder that you did not return when it turned out I am living in a farm. I quitted teaching at the MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art). I restarted. Good to be at home.”




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A milk can, the percussion gardon, an African music device, Indian percussions invoke the cozy gatherings in a Kisoroszi pub. But, these are not only instruments for an evening entertainment, but serve as models as well. “ Once I carved these items of stone. A sculpture is music. I do not mean the rhythmic of hammering on the chisel, but the proportion and the arrangement.”

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“In the classical sense, an artistic building means the complexity of the structure, and the ritual events taking place in it. The sculpture inside was a trade, not art.”

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“The sculpture is independent on the material. During the summer, I am carving wood in my courtyard. In winter, I work stone in the studio. The statutes for the church of St. Paul Apostle were cast under the shed.”

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“To work with polystyrene foam is equally nasty and convenient. Weight of this statue would be too much for the second level of a two-storey club, even if made of wood. I will coat it with polyamide. Sometimes a next-door girl comes here sitting as model. We are working now on the arm.”

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I like Bach. He inspired me to create the “Good night, Mr. Goldberg”


The statue “Heracles” must be matched to the huge space around. Gigantic international companies operate at the Graphisoft Park, and it was not an easy task to find a worthy topic. For me, as a sculptor, it was an exciting challenge to find a steady position of the huge figure, reclining upon its two legs and a knobstick.

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I studied ceramics first, and then I ended up in the sculpture. Mastering by István Bencsik, I was working at the abandoned limestone quarry at the Szársomlyó. It was a wonderful year. We lived in the renovated Gyimóthy mansion, food was served, We needed to work only for 8-10 hours a day. We can create freely.

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My brother László, who spent three years there, obsessed with the granite. Several tons of moving stones are placed on each other, having carved with so perfectionism, that we can tilt from one position to another with one hand. Our father sticks to anything that we created, to my diploma work (Horse and Man Swimming), to the granite fountain made by my brother.

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Good to be here at the farm. The only trouble is of the predators. Recently a marten were ravining the pet birds of my father. But when the chickens’ turn came (they mean the everyday food), we needed to call help. Poor fellow was so wild that we could not touch the cage in which they wanted to convey. That was the destiny of the marten.

16/12/2012 Tanya



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