Gulyás Judit

gulyas_judit-1-274x412“Why the Oriental rug is attracting the people? I always have wanted to decipher the mystery. Nothing is known on the motifs, recurring since immemorial times. In my childhood I had to sleep every afternoon.                       .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .



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Lying on the sofa at the living room, I admired the carpet for hours, instead of sleeping, of course. I can recall every details of the beautiful deep red Persian even now. The long afternoons I had enough time to imagine all kinds of things, seeing the patterns.”

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At the University of Arts, studying textile arts, she realized that the carpet is much more than the people can see in it. After learning various weaving techniques she began to design carpets, deliberately overrunning the constraints of the traditional technology. Her first diploma rewrote the substantial and coloring rules of the traditional carpet-design. She called “illusionist” the works of that time. Instead of static routine rugs, she created floating and plastic surfaces with fine color transitions.

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Her master’s degree further widens her limits: the carpet crossed even its traditional contours. Instead the square or rectangular shapes, makeable at loom, she designed and knitted amorphous, undulating, curly forms – these unusual carpets started on the ground and climbed up to the wall.

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“ Even in college I entered into a French carpet design application, and, for my great astonishment, I won.  The first price was awarded in Paris, and soon I found myself in a French hand-tufting workshop. There were canvasses stretched on huge frames, into which the woollen tufts were shot by hand. I was totally engaged, for this was the theme of my thesis for the master’s degree as well.

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For 13 years she commands the production of her custom-designed carpets at a small hand-tufting workshop. Her artistic pieces are made of pure wool; she shears special factures manually in it. One of her development, named “organic shearing”, received the Award of Excellence of the Hungarian Council of Design in 2004.

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“The carpet in the apartment occupies a very large surface. It is very important to know,  for  whom and to where I will design. First I map the role of the to-be carpet in the interior. What is its task: to separate or to connect? It is the continuation of the furniture, or it will play a primary or secondary role as a separate island? In this way the mere ’space’ will be a ’place’, and the ’house’ will be a ’home’.”

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“The greatest joy for me when I can handle a professional job with high level artistic work, and with the customer’s satisfaction. When, delivering a new carpet, a happy smile appears at the face of the adults, and the children assault it, starting to jump on it wildly. „

4/5/2011 Pilisszentlászló



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