From One to Another

The exhibition of  Pálma Babos porcelain artist, Ferenczy Noémi prize holder and  Raija Rastas finnish  textil artist is seen at the  Kiskép Gallery from 2019-04-05 till  2019-05-15  Opening on 18th April 5-6 pm




In the frame of an art residency program between Hungary and Finland two artists Pálma Babos and Raija Rastas met in Helsinki last summer, where they had an opportunity to make an exhibition together and started a dialog specifically what could be different and common in their artistic approach. They regularly followed their common discussion along a year and this time Budapest became the host for both them. Their new pieces are currently presented in the Kiskép Gallery the first time.

„From One to Another” – calls the invitation. Although they work with different materials both like to join geometrics and organic together, move lightness into darkness, complete natural with artificial and all with the intention to reach a strong contrasts in each of their objects.

Raija Rastas textile artist in Finland, member of the Artist Association of Vantaa, living and working in Seutula, a little village near Helsinki the capital of Finland. She works with sewing and embroidery techniques using materials like linen, cotton and silk yarns and fibres, and also many kind of findings from the nature and also from the city. „We have very beautiful nature in Seutula, I take photos everyday and find discoveries to my works. During last years we have seen how nature is changing in Finland like in the whole world, we suffer from very strong winds and storms, very dry and hot summers, also very rainy summers. Nature is so fragile.” What can we do? Do we shut or open our eyes? What is the right way to do? What are our steps? What kind of footprints we leave?

Babos Pálma  porcelain artist in Hungary, awarded with several prizes, the winner of the VII. Biennal of Ceramics in Vendell (Spain), living and working in the outskirt of Budapest, the capital. „My new series react on the environment that we are surrounded with, so it is linked with my former works: „The city and citizens”. The towers and the cities inspect the relations between the town and the human beings, reflect on the typical phenomena like the lifestyle of our current age. These new sculptures talk about the parallelly of the natural and the artificial environment in the same way as we are enclosed in the reality, where does not exist the untouched nature anymore. The participants of this story can be either observers or victims, as well as beneficiary depending on their positions or interest. Each sculptor includes a natural part and an artificial part. The way as I handle the porcelain material emphasizes the differences.


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