Budapest Global Art Walk

DSC_7647Budapest Global Art Walk in the Castle Hill in privat excellent artists in hidden gardens in medieval buildings, with stories, wine and many more challeging things all hail to the art. The first Budapest Global Art Walk will took place on June 13, Saturday.


Buda Castle Hill tops every guidebook’s list of “must-see sights” of Budapest. Buda Castle is the city’s crowning jewel. There is so much to discover within the sprawling Buda Castle and hidden along the cobbled lanes of the city’s historic quarter. (Organized by Balázs Bokor))

art walkCastle Hill has been inhabited since the 13th century, when an influx of new inhabitants took to the high ground there following the Mongol attacks that devastated the population. Buda’s secure position motivated Hungary’s King Béla IV to move the capital from what’s now the regional city of Esztergom to this new site. In the centuries that followed, the district became the home of the royal court, and today you can still see the influences from the rule of King Matthias to the Habsburgs through an eclectic mix of renaissance and baroque styles. There are also traces left from the Ottoman occupation, which we can see scattered around Castle Hill.

Six stops in the program:  KOLLER GALLERY ( the oldest private Hungarian gallery), MUSEUM OF MUSIC HISTORY, GITA HORVATH (an artist, a writer), JÓZSEF GAÁL GALLERY (paiter), BÁNSÁGHI ART STUDIO (generations of artists), KISKÉP GALLERY (Photo Klára Oppel)


Our participating artists: (from left) Pató Károly, Decsi Ilona Luca, Kéri Imre, Nagy Hedvig,






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