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bergmann_istvan-1-274x181Apparently, the dancer’s shoe does not differ from the smart shoes of the trendy urban lady. Having a perfect structure, it emphasizes the figure. The owner will not fall prone even if she needs to run, nowadays a successful lady must not late!  But, return to race-dancers. Footwear of spike heels makes the muscular legs to fine femine ones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .

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Beautiful ladies are flying along the parquet, their feet roam the swing and the cha-cha-cha with dazzling speed, eyes of the audience and the jury are engaged by this huge energy. But stop, man! These footgears are still only sport ones, aren’t they! „My work is supported by wonderful ladies. Stars, world champions. Each of them is very kind, working with them is a pleasure. Even if the introduction was a riddle, the answer: the structure and the material of the shoe helps the dancer to perfect her production.”

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The boot last or boot-crimps is the key element how the footwear can be classic object even if the fashion overwrites the appearance. Last-makers are real sculptors of millimetres, preventing the problems of tight-here-stress-there. Unfortunately, this trade is not widely known recently. A good, “cast for me” last is a forever piece.

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It is a real miracle that, as a fourth-generation member of the firm, he inherited a boot last collection, withstanding the test of time. A hundred years ago the success of the craft was to enhance perfectly the ankle, nowadays there should be much more. Sophisticated design, harmony with the fashion. Last year the “Juhos “brand has deservedly got over its 100th year!

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“I make shoe copies as well. If a consumer requests, I reconstruct her beloved shoes of 10-20 years. The lasts I have are suitable for this work. True, four or five hours I am fiddling about to rebuild and to polish to reach a perfect form. To select a vocation, I had a great dilemma: to be a lawyer, a cook, or a shoemaker? At least, I became shoe designer, graduated at the College of Light Industry. For her father’s request, my mother (Katalin Juhos) passed as well her master’s examination. Many people know her at our shop at the Váci utca (the famous pedestrian street of downtown Budapest). She loves the comfortable but modern models made for middle-age women. To me, the youthful, flamboyant style matches.

The upper leather consists of at least 12 pieces, hand tailored, full of holes. It needs a lot of fiddling and patience.

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When on the last, the uppers must be nailed around then glued to a specially assembled skin plate. The form is given by this. A steel piece is fixing the all. The most long-wearing outsole is made of thick cowhide

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Five or six models are created a season, in several variations, with 40 heel options, in a variety of material and colour combinations. Even a piece of lace or a pearl can give a unique style.

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You can choose plenty of leather textures. “Tanners are experimenting the bating procedures for 600-700 years. There is no such animal whose skin had not been managed to use, be ostrich or white ray.”

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News is reporting that the Minister of Finance brings the new budget papers into the parliament in a water buffalo case. So he has orders for water buffalo shoes. This is not the ideal leather for shoes, but this shoe has an attitude, and it needs a respect of the wearer as well…

20/5/2011 Budapest


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