The entrapment of light

csapdábanOn the occasion of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival, as well as the International Year of Light this chamber exhibition presents the exciting studio glass works of great Hungarian artists.  Open from 2nd to the 18th October 2015, daily from 10am to 6pm. Kiskép Galéria, 1014 Budapest, Országház utca 8.

Exhibiting artists: Balogh Eleonóra, Borbás Dorka, Borkovics Péter, Botos Péter, Czebe István, James CarcassCsala Zsuzsa, Gáspár György, Gonzales Gábor, Hegyvári Bernadett, Kecskés Krsiztina, Köblitz Birgit, Lendvai Péter, Lukácsi László, Melcher Mihály, M.Tóth Margit, Pattantyús Gergely, Sipos Balázs, Smetana Ágnes, Soltész Melinda, Szilcz Mariann, Szőke Barbara, Szűr-Szabó Edit, Török Sára, Varga Dóra, Vida Zsuzsa

Glass is part of our everyday life. Scientists and engineers worldwide are researching and developing this material that has many complex phisical properties and feeds into many industries.

As this year is the International Year of Light we remember those hungarian inventors who were predecessors in the area of photography, optics and laser technology and celebrate those who have chosen glass as the particular carrier of artistic expression.

Five years ago we were looking for participants for our art blog ,, and this is how we met members of a close artistic community. Even after our first studio visits we knew we had found treasure. The studio glass movement that started in the seventies has matured, the hungarian studioglass is now recognised worldwide, our artists are receiving important international prizes, their works are to be found in prestigious contemporary collections of museums and carefully developed highly valued private collections. This is our joy that at our gallery in the Buda Castle we can show a few of these valuable pieces. With serious knowledge of their craft, with great precision, the artists blow, cut, pour, shape and polish their glass. They carry on an inherited knowledge yet they invite us onto roads thet have never been visited before to endow us with the joy of discovery. In the meanwhile there is always the dilemma of how far an artist can go who is seduced by the twinkle of this material which comes alive by entrapping and at the same time letting through light.


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