Szűr Szabó Edit / Diti

szur_szabo_edit-1-274x181Algeria… the waves are gently drifting to the shore, the sun says goodbye to the ever-gray sea in orange. Women walk cautiously, to the soft touch of their feet the sand responds with sinking sound. The cool evening breeze brings the smell of freedom. Taking off their veils, jewels follow the path of veils. Sand, sea, Kabyle jewels: this is the starting accord of the birth of a sofa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .

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Third member of the Algerian furniture set, named “Algerian pouffe” is missing since the 2010 Construma exhibition. From the booth of Mapei, it was carried directly by special air cargo to the “I Saloni” in Milan, to the world’s largest design contest. The result: “ I became elected member of the International Association of Contemporary Mosaics – AIMC of Ravenna.”

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The shapes and patterns were inspired by the oriental prayer rugs. The scenario of the patchwork is emerging from the environment of variegated lights, as from the palaeooceans: the tree of life, oriental jewelry, mosque windows. The bird of happiness is always solitude, because in its heart is guarding its sweetheart.

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“I live under the spell of the material. The luring forms of SICIS mosaics from Ravenna, the Wedi board, faithfully following the soaring thoughts, the softly plastic MAPEI Kerapoxy Design pointer, mixed with glitters, scattering million lights, — these are the raw materials of the design laboratory. The pointer material, apparently a soft textile in its final form, has a lot of hardship, surpassing the imagination. When forming and positioning at vertical facing, you need to harness the material, aiming always downward, according the gravity. This is not an easy task, you need great stamina.”

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“The mosaic course students came to copy my little blue elephant with high expectations and enthusiasm. I found a trick to do this work without disappointment. I delineate the contours using Keraflex glue, and then they can fill out the objects with Kerapoxy. The big drive is always ending with a big happiness.”


The pointer grout is to fill the joints between the tiles. She applies the pointer in such quantities as nobody before. She is interesting in the depths, in the essence of things. “My Mother made delicious donuts. She formed the round pieces, while I waited the remaining odd shapes. To my liking, she baked these as well. Since then I know that I am interesting in the ‘inner spaces’. I see everything from the wrong side also; looking out from there what the world is like.”


According to the today’s opinion pampering is a wellness bed for an intimate meditation. “At the bottom part there are the Venice motifs: bridges, arches, the colours of the soft hangings, the glittering of the Carnival. When you lie down, the magic of colours touches you gently, like pollen of a butterfly…I hope the people of the next 200 years would say for the mosaic artists of our time: it is an object as Diti imagined…”

11/7/2011 Budapest





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  1. Richard Davis 2015-09-21 REPLY

    hi Szur, If you are an AIMC member still, I may have already sent you an email. I am an American mosaic artist visiting Budapest 21-26 November, If you speak English or French, I would enjoy meeting you and visiting your studio. Funnily enough last November I was one of 15 SAMA artists chosen to make a mosaic for MAPEI, which has been featured at their trade shows around the world this year.