Szabó Franciska

szabo_franciska-1-274x412The subway started with an abrupt thrust. The man’s head, supported by his palm, jolted hardly. For a moment, his eyes opened, and then he returned to his original posture. “For years, I make sketches on the subways, buses, trams. In that time I learned how I can see somebody not observing that I am watching him/her”.



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“For a long time past I collect the ‘stolen’ moments. In recent weeks I started a series. Its working title used is ‘The bored ones’ till now. The pictures present the idle or reading-wrapped figures on the Budapest public transport. It is characteristic that none of the people is making eye-contact. Involuntarily they fit into the typic architecture of the vehicle. In the pictures I emphasise the geometry the static ambience of a subway or tram, while the figures are depicted in just one but characteristic brush-stroke

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So far, figurality accompanied me during my work, and it is likely that this will remain for a while. I began to study drawing early, this determines my relation to painting. During my academic years I could copy baroque pictures as painting studies.

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It was a touching moment when an elderly model, acquainted from the university, offered me sitting by courtesy, just to support my studies.

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Last year several times I painted cardboard boxes, garbage bags, and trash containers. Many people asked why Ideal with these? In fact, their beauty captivated me: the colours of the plastic bags, the geometry of the boxes, their irregularities formed along the use.

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Even before I treated the street junks. Six years ago, I brought home my first front door, salvaged as street junk, to transform to painting. These became the frames of my works, mentally and physically. My thesis work started from two doors, even the dirt on the glass was built in into my pictures.

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For two years I teach at the High School of Fine and Applied arts, being the form master of a first-grade class. In my planned series I want to treat the traditions, the customs, and the tools of teaching drawing. In the first pictures of this series I painted the plaster castings of antique sculptures. Another theme was the everyday situation of the teaching. Students are sitting on bucks in semi-circle around the view, and draw absorbed in their works.

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I could get into the Amadeus Creative House as a winner of the Art Collectors Award, founded in 2009. I started in a smaller studio, but from year to year I could move to a larger premise. Now I am able to paint even a 2×2.5 m picture. It becames clear in a larger space only, that a painting not so monumental, as it appeared at close range in a narrow space.

22/6/2012 Budapest


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