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sipos_eszter-1-274x181“The canoe slid on the water with quiet babbling. Approaching the shore, I bowed my head below the hanging branches… I cannot tell you how much the rare moments are missing while touring on the Tisza, the Sajó, and the Danube. “ After graduating at the university, everything suddenly changes. I realized that I lived before in chrysalis. I found myself to write down all.

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First, what happened around me, and what the newspapers published, then what happened to me when an event happened, or what I was thinking about it. Pen sketches, made with the same obsession as the records, were paired one day.

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I realized that this is a quest with me: where is the border between the picture-type thinking and the social awareness.

My diary is an interesting experiment as well in terms of how I can present my personal stories, just approaching the limit of intimacy.

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Visiting an exhibition, I automatically look for works containing “writing inside the picture”. I was really surprised that this is my world. I had to experience our language limitations. Recently I appeared in a Zurich exhibition. There was in vain the exact translation beside my pictures, the audience badly received the Hungarian text.

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The word is complicated, so I started to collect advices from others. Based these advices, I made 36 small pictures. These were made for three years. I think this series forms one work, because it reflects my grippings and the process of my life’s evolution. My favourite ones: “What is your goal? Find it!” and “Do not go to bed without getting yourself a fun that day!”

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I brought four large circular pictures to an exhibition, but I wrote advices only for three, one was empty. The audience could vote for this fourth picture, and the best (for me) message was painted on the empty picture at the last three days. Thinking together mobilizes people.

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If you do not keep a lookout, you are easily absorbed by a world that irrevocably excludes all other life. Without observing it, you would be a lazy movement on a well-constructed picture. Alike a pop-art collage presenting the US in the sixties, you can simply have a look around, and it will be clear: we are rocking on the waves of the fashion, having nothing common with the reality of today.

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We need breakout points. I am looking for novelty even in the colors. I like off-color paints. I quest the color tunes for turquoise and peach. I usually browse Gaudí when I am looking for the shade summing up the whole together.

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How is made up a picture? What happens if we rewrite an existing picture? If we reinterpret its every motifs? We simply appropriate the theme. The plate of King Matthias enlarged to two meter will not tell us much, but if you insert into the broken rim of a dial a quay, a girlfriend with bike, and a landscape with the Parliament in the background — well, we can observe the time and space together.

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I selected this topic at the DSc school as well. Time and space would be just the theme of my three-year research. I think I should and could learn a lot. Now I work at the Amadeus Foundation studio, but starting in international projects cannot be excluded. I seek the company of good people, with whom I am in the same wavelength. I like to talk and to discuss. I observed that those being able to agree are the people to argue the most. After all, there is no reason to dispute with those who are ever harping on the same string?

6/5/2012 Budapest




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