Robitz Anikó

robitz_aniko-1-274x412“I lived above a cinema. Just one thought, and I went down to watch a movie, sometimes in slippers. In the foyer always were photos or paintings. One day I asked: can I display as well? Allowed. A friend of mine helped me to frame my photos. We went to a do-it-yourself store, buying custom-cut chipboard planes and some cement. We covered the chipboard surface with cement, and this was the background of the photos.                            .



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The rude and simple surface made some aversion. Shared the audience, but many people liked it. I am interested in the built-in environment, buildings and cities. Not really in portraits, and landscapes. My favorite is the Bauhaus style. I find Budapest has only several really exciting buildings. I am fed up with the street photography in this city, for I was expelled out several times. Instead, I shoot abroad: the Expo in Lisbon, the government district in Berlin, the tremendously lots of new buildings in Tirana. Anywhere, where brutally ambitious, modern and exciting buildings are constructed.”

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Maybe the apocalypse will sweep everything away, but in meantime people like to see the pictures. For this reason there are so many colourful magazines containing lots of photos. Even an amateur could catch an extraordinary snapshot, based on the law of large numbers. Do you know the Horus Archive? It is a collection of old, discarded photos. Some of them are so good, that even André Kertész could make it as well.

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A studio in the Boulevard, the house is just reconditioned. The “studio warming party” was in November.

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I come here every day, sorting the photos, screwing around them. I made my photos with very strong concentration, then ruminating a lot, which is the best. No post-processing. I utilise my expertise on analogue photographing in this way. I make black-and-white photos, blowing up usually to the standard size of 75×50 cm

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Price forms usually in auction. “Photos have better prices abroad. Dimensions are others. It is no strange even in Slovenia, that a work is bought for a thousand Euros. They bought a full series of me.“ She goes round the world cities, working and exhibiting.

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A customer asked her to make a fresh, brand-new blowout. “As for me, a photo is more interesting if displayed in several cities.”

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I was a manager of a gallery for a while. I know many excellent artists, I learned a lot from them. The personal acquintance is the best, before you buy something from him. It could happen that you take home a work of an unknown person, hanging out it at your living room, and you do not know that a crazy soul becomes to reign over you, and you can not understand why your life gradually goes to ruin…

15/2/2011 Budapest


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