Rabóczky Judit Rita

robitz_judit-1-274x412“I clicked to this movement” – she responds quickly, and grabbing the bending figure at waist, she puts it to and fro with springy move. The other statue stands in idly staring posture. After the figure reaches a fixed position on the beam, the lazy posture of the other one changes with an acrobatic act. We are witnessing the beginning of a new story. .



robitz_judit-2-570x378 robitz_judit-3-274x412

Shifting forward its feet and waist, it is on the desiring watch with proud and easy gait. Pretending to be pokey, but it is very attentive. A few inches, and it pulls its weight to the wall, saying: I am strong, I am the best. The zealous restowing is inspiring, time passing away quickly…


This “creative house” was established using the support of Mr. Péter Balogh. Originally, there were social flats in the house, these were transformed into studios. In the framework of the Amadeus Foundation, young artists get the opportunity of free creative work. It serves as a solid fundament, but everyone shapes his/her destiny.

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“ I was listed into the first group. We are different, but deep in our souls we are longing for a studio of own. I am a autonomous artist.

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It came in handy that the metal workshop of the University was unexploited then, so I learned how to deal with the metal. First my father instructed me, but I learned to weld not from him. He grumbled: “Can you see? The cinder falls down!” when the welding slag was not worked out. To work with machines is always dangerous somewhat. On the wall there are photoes of my injuries. Be a warning sign to be more careful.

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At the well-equipped computer corner we glance over her periods: her thesis, the angels of Giotto, urban anchors, steel cacti in series. “ I carried an iron cactus in my bag aboard a bus. When a passenger discovered, there was a confusion.”

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My stories are made from materials of a garbage heap. Pieces of iron, steel plates, pipes, wires, cables… they are all from the refuse dump of a closed-down factory.”

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Walking around Óbuda, we have overmuch of stories and experiences.” This sculpture is entitled Queen, maybe Inside or Outside, perhaps Loving… originally it was half a meter higher, but it could not get out the door” – it is a short but eloquent comment. Stately posture, crossed arms hold away the world. A dense scrub encircles her. Who knows when the Creator thought: this is enough! Perhaps when she ran out of strength, patience, and anger.

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Lonely figures and embracing couples are nearly flying among the aura of wires. So spiritful, honest, and radiant. Forms are whirling, if need, walking on their hands. Jesting or seriousness? The movement is always touching, but somehow grotesque as well.

robitz_judit-20-274x412 robitz_judit-21-570x378

I am a sculptor, I cut my hair myself. It takes 3-4 days while I am happy with the shape. I use my Mac to see it from back, where I need to cut shorter. It succeeded short a bit now, and my head cold. At home, I am sleeping and wake up in iron poppy field. There is at the end of my bed” How can you live among this amount of iron? So, that she ensouled them.

21/4/2012 Budapest





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