Pataky Attila

pataki_attila-1-274x181Joined to the workshop of a craftsman when I was fifteen. We produced glass eyes used by preparators and for lots of teddy bears. I had no admission to the Arts and Crafts High School because of overnumbering, they told. I graduated as glasswork technician, and I worked at the company of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences producing research hardware until the political transition (1990). We made laboratory tools chemical and pharmaceutical investigations.                                                                                                .


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This firm was a prestigious one of about 330 people, mostly professionals of special expertise, led by an agile manager of both professional and business ability. Good markets were found for the special products made of stainless steel and glass.

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I worked at the glass workshop until 1990, when a young entrepreneur forestalled the firm, everybody was fired, and the buildings were destroyed. It is clear: the site had a great money.

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Some of us did not give up, we made our own company. Although not as large volume as before, we as a subcontractor produce laboratory equipments.

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Using compressed air, or, what is better, oxygen mix, the temperature of the gas flame reaches 900-1000 centigrade. We are working on this temperature. The glass has a poor thermal conductivity, so it does not burn your hand. The paper shield is against the radiating heat only.

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A small pipe blows the softened glass, after air-puff and with a smooth rotation a globe is born.

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“There are 10000 types of glass. For the laboratory devices glass tubes or rods, specially tempered, are used. Mainly borosilicate, because in this material the strain generated by the heat on different points is better distributed. China can produce high quality glasses. We prefer these, for the limited effect of bubbling.”

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“I often work together with applied artists. We mainly attain jewelry and custom designs. Here is a wedding glass, designed by Zsuzsa Vida, glass artist. It was an old custom that the vine for the bride was served in a bottomless glass. She had always to empty the glass, because it could not be put on the table.

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I made this craft for fifty years, and I have continuously purchase orders. Unfortunately, I can not find successor. For this profession dedication, hard work, manual skill, an a lot of humility are needed. It is my ambition that this craft becomes an option at the MOME (Moholy University of Art). It is promising, and it would open a possibility to exercise manual activity in new fields

9/12/2012 Budapest



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