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mosberger_robert-1-274x412Taking a white cloth from under his black bowler hat, he wipes his brow, then he nicely put the cloth and the negative between a wooden plate and a glass, then place exposing to the sun. And now, timing is measured by music, please! When the tiny music box winds down, a picture comes out, in most admiration of the audience. Nobody knows before, that the cloth was wetted with developing solution, and the whole Commedia dell’ Arte is a humbuggery..



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People always admire the craft of the strolling photographer. Where the small van appears, and when the ‘Camera Obscura Tent’ is pitched up, the great game starts! Those getting into the tent could see on a sheet the outer word streaming in across a tiny hole, but upside down. Under the canopy of the Camera Obscura drawing table, you can observe the perspective plane view of the outworld using mirrors and lenses. Meanwhile, the photographer makes a photo presentation as well using a special pinhole camera and some old processing method.

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You can produce a camera obscure of many objects. Of a box, of a book… You only need darkness and a hole.

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I wanted to make not only portraits but group photos as well, so I needed a larger object. Then I found this lard pot at home. People are surprised, when I put it on the tripod.

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In the photography the show is very important. The high point is the picture itself. “Generally, a big crowd is surrounding me, pleasure-seeking, meanwhile they learn the old technique of photography. Our motto: be together in a lard pot!”

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Darkness, sunlight, some green chemicals, a little rummaging, hocus-pocus, incantation, some music and patient sloshing… this is a real funny game. And this can be performed by one click using the digital technique of these days.

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He has been invited to festivals and meetings not only at this country but also at numerous European countries. And he is happy to go. People love the interactivity, and the lucky ones receiving a blue-colour cyanotype, are looking for these even in years later. They do not mind to sit motionless a full minute facing the laird pot.

mosberger_robert-16-274x412 mosberger_robert-17-570x378

They like to shake or to roll the container filled with developing fluid even for five minutes, and peacefully wait until the sun copies the picture.

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He graduated as graphic artist then studied photography. He is “looking his place under the sun” in Mór, in a small Hungarian town just now. Since 2000, he manages the graphic-screenprinting-photography workshop of the Fine and Applied Arts Open School Foundation. Their host is the artists’ colony, a self-supporting organization. Here the workshops commit themselves to admit applicants, and to participate in the activities of the colony.

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Those coming here can try everything, and can expect cordial help. And, if the photographer imagines a cat, dragging out a wine bottle stopper with her tail, he can ask the masters at the foundery to cast it of bronze.

5/7/2012 Mór


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