Magyar Gergő

magyar_gergo-1-274x412Walking along the small street at Saturday afternoon, you must stop at a shop-window observing this odd picture, like a flea-market. A bunch of young people, all in a heap, are pulling large coloured tarpaulins of hudge billboards.  They look enviously at each other when one of them grabs a piece of really exciting colour or pattern. Eyes blinking, excitement increasing, brains boiling, girlfriends gesture to each other.


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The timid ones cautiously measure the tarpaulin, the others, being drunken of the possibilities, are grabbing everything in front of them. Some young men of clenched mouths works in a pragmatic way, not observing the others.

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They decide quickly on the function: backsack for a bycycle or a laptop case. Choosing a pattern, they attack the material with a large pair of scissors.

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Miki, the prop man helps you to select a strap and the border tape. Rivets will fix the pockets and others where necessary.

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Gergő commands the bustling crowd with infinite patience and discretion. He hands out the label of the firm, you should wait a little at the sewing ladies, and then your self-designed bag is ready

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Gergő, an artist for applied arts, founded the “Medence Group” together with his friends, graduated in Sopron. “There are the piles of advertising canvases. After the renovation of a house, or when the advertising message expired, these covers are discarded.


“The companies, neither the advertisers, nor the producers usually do not care about the future of these giant posters. A very small part is utilised.

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We clean and reuse these materials. One sheet can be 100 square meter large. Great part of this high-quality canvas or mesh, printed with weather-resistant special ink, would go to the garbage.

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Fortunately, a few companies have been thinking about the environment in mind, making Christmas gifts, for example.”

“Sometimes we have works that need a lot of material. Once we received an order to produce passport holders, as an attachment to a journal. For the 25-thousand pieces we used ten giant meshes, a thousand sq. metres.

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We succeeded some functional recycling as well. Ordered as furniture for outdoor events, we used renovated wood pallets, upholstered with awning-cloths.”

“We have had specific projects of nature conservation. Using 7000 m2 mesh, we produced canvas fences along highways, preventing the frogs to go across the road when wandering. My plan is to use the canvas in the agriculture, this material (apart its esthetical value) has good mechanical properties. The demand would be large.”

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“The Makett Labor canvas workshop is active since 2008. The “arts and crafts” activity uses 4-500 m2 annually, its goal is to promote recycling. It is difficult to list the most eye-appealing canvasses. Because one bag is made of a small piece of a huge poster, it happens that a picture of a gearshift in a car advertisement can produce 5 bags of extraordinary vision!

magyar_gergo-27-570x378 magyar_gergo-28-274x412

We are full of plans. We invite the kindergartens, this morning a group of children was here. In March an international workshop will be organised, with the aim of broadening of the application areas.”

My bag, cutting of the canvass poster of the “Night of Museums” is just finished, eventually displaying the EU logo. Beautiful green and blue, it will be a good gift to somebody.

It is 16:00. Pizza arrived. It was a big drive. Closing time!

26/1/2011 Budapest


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