M.Tóth Margit

M_Toth_Margit-1-274x181In my town, Hajduszoboszló, I frequented the drawing circle of an enthusiastic teacher. I also drew enthusiastic. Today, waking up in the morning, there is in my mind what I’m going to make, I need to make a note only. I graduated with a major of ceramics, I was engaged in glassworks only later. I create animal sculptures. When I finished my first objects, I met a Chinese girl. “ Do not be surprised” – she said – “if China will mass produce the animal sculptures of glass soon”. Indeed, on the market the glass animal figurines have appeared.

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But those figurines have no personalities. My sculptures always are a part of a composition. They always have some kind of symbolic meaning. I strive for that my sculptures should touch the people, regardless whether they know these symbols.

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The statue of the warthog was titled “Heaven and Earth”, that is, convergence. The Church has known it well for ages. When only a part of the people could read, the believers saw only that Virgin Mary is beautiful. They had not to read the Bible to understand their religion. And the priests knew the deeper interrelations.

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Many people many times were talking on the inspiration. Czóbel, the famous Hungarian painter plainly waved: “Inspiration? I sit down, and it comes…” Lajos Parti Nagy, the poet simply wrote down a word, and then all went by itself. If I see a glass plate of interesting pattern, I made my new object in thought: ‘a hippo sits on a cabinet, carrying a chameleon on its back…’

M_Toth_Margit-8-274x412 M_Toth_Margit-9-274x412M_Toth_Margit-10-274x412

I always place my animals on somebody, nominating the composition even before moulding in clay. Later I write the title on the base in Latin and in English.

M_Toth_Margit-11-570x378 M_Toth_Margit-12-274x412

I start the modelling from beneath; proportions are formed on the fly. I apply the foundry method. When the glass is cooling down in the plaster mould, the form is to be destroyed. There is a lot of work later, the grinding. When young people come in, I always tell them: be careful, made anything but stabbing or biting!

M_Toth_Margit-13-274x412 M_Toth_Margit-14-570x378

I am not able to create more than two pieces per year. Usually I send my objects to the US, for the Habatat Galleries. The USA’s oldest and largest glass gallery is exploring the exciting glass creations around the world, as the collectors can pay thousands of dollars for a really special, unique object.

5/3/2012 Csobánka


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