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kun_eva-110-274x412My grandfather was a peasant. Lean, tall, silent. He loved the beautiful things, once he exchanged a cartful of hay to this big butella. Grandma was angry, of course. I am crazy for butellas, as well! I could go into a wet cellar to draw a nice piece, jumping from brick to brick. I had some very romantic collector journeys, later continuing and completing at the ceramic collection of the Ethnographical Museum. .


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At the farm I had a wonderful life, where the cooperative moved a workshop of blacksmiths and wheelwrights. Waking up at dawn, all day I was busy playing with games invented by me. Later I was charged to guard the piglets, to prevent them to go to the cornfield. In my pocket I brought paperback classics. The piglets are sophisticated and diligent animals, when they observed that I immersed in reading, they run into the prohibited corn. For this reason I used to say jokingly that I have got my education next to the pigs.

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We had a fairly nice homestead. It was an old concert piano in the room. Recollection of our last high-school party is attached to it. Classmates visited us, my father played the piano, singing with his excellent baritone organ, oil lamps gave the light; it was a great party.

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To avoid having to walk far to the village school, they sent me to Mezőtúr, to my grandmother. I was crippled not to live in our homestead. I missed all the animals, the trees, the song of larks. I started to work with clay there in the quietness of the farm. At high school, I learnt to use potter wheel. My first vocational school was at the Potters’ House in Mezőtúr, where I graduated as skilled worker.

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When we moved to Veresegyháza, it was a quiet place. Many comely artists have lived here. Almost it is the only place in our country, where we obtain orders for public institutions. Even my recent work is the ceramic decoration of the new Protestant school.

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In design I am instinctive rather than rational. The work is often like a meditation. Literatures, audio books, a piece of my radio play collection help me a lot. I am always listening to these when working.

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Since my childhood I have fun to imagine pictures of formless patches. Based on the spots of the ceiling above my studio bed, my drawing “Mary and Christ” came into being in this way.

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Her workshop is extended to the garden. Here is a ‘raku’ kiln, to apply a firing method for specific colour scheme. When taking out the burning-hot glazed object, we cool it down covered by soil. The particular colours are created in this way. This firing procedure was invented by the Japanese, producing pots for the tea ceremony. Today it is known and practiced by ceramists all over the world.

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Her real hobby is pond construction and gardening. She can always manage to steal some hours from work. Some of her girlfriends were “infected” with this passion, then she needed to help them dreaming pond and rippling traces.

8/9/2011 Veresegyház





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