Kneisz Eszter

kneisz_eszter-1-274x382I set a cylinder form from steel tubes, one meter and half high on a round mirror plate. „It is an aquarium!“ – run there the children screaming. The people entering the exhibition hall were deceived successfully by the sight.  As if a particular column of water crosses the space and the ground, inside fish are swimming woven in a net of blue threads. More and more I am interested in the three-dimensional weaving. A white pair of a male and a female, looking for mate, is appearing from the grey and nonentity mass of people wandering in the air.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .

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The decorative tapestry weaving or gobelin weaving is considered as art, but I think it is a craft. Kopts started this craft in Egypt. The tapestry, this useful and decorative product, called as French weaving as well, was spreading in the castles of aristocrats in Europe. In the Middle Ages the most famous painters were invited to design the monumental patterns. That time hundreds of masters worked at the looms of workshops. I am a member of the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists, we made several joint works in our workshop. Our last major work was the „Lights of Europe“. We were five working in row at the loom of five-and–half meter wide. This tapestry required a huge organisation and stamina. We were thirty-four who wove for two years the „Saint Stephen“ tapestry, three meters wide and five-and-half meters high, of fine wool and silk threads. It can be seen now at the Esztergom Basilica.

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A stately place of a Budapest alley. After ringing the bell, the wrought-iron gate opens. We are to go to the backyard garden, looking for a building of many balconies. Then we are talking below of coffered ceilings of a self-designed gallery, beset with tapestries and paintings, eating a birthday cake, leftover of yesterday. The chocolate hedgehog on the cake was created by the Grandpa (who is a really sculptor), asked by the young celebrated one and her kindergarten friends. Delicate cream, good start.


The old wooden staircase, leading to her studio, is creaking


Weft-yarns are hanging off the loom lazily and ruffledly. A few days ago she finished the “Volcano”. It became a family favourite; his daughter wants not to sell.

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In a whole-wall size glass case, colourful wool and silk balls glister. Passion for collecting? “Recently I submitted a colour sample for dying, and I got just the same colour as I wanted. We had excellent yarn dyers, we need not to store the balls. Now I buy everything what I can. The moths? Yes, these mean a constant threat.”

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“Weaving a tapestry is a slow work. In a month I can weave no more than a square metre only. The problem is not the patience, but the backache.”

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“For leisure, I must to create something other. The watercolour painting comforts me. The flowers are almost directing my hand when painting”


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