Karsai Zsófia

It is good to sit down a while, stirring a tea. She is to start fetching the kids at the school. The “Daily Guide” lies on the middle of the table. She gets a four-sided dice, asking: what is the message of the Board? “It offers an opportunity to concentrate my attention to the attitude of what the dice gives, along the situations occurring this day”. ‘Patience’ is the today’s result.

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“Earlier I made a 2×2 m size twin of this object. You can hit words with throwing pillows. I collected 64 words, what you can heard rarely: road, virtue, delicacy, gratitude, responsibility… The visitor could ask the oracle, which guidance is provided by a given life situation, just having.

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It was a pleasure to look how the people use this object, somebody threw with closed eyes, others suggested the table before throwing. One tried to take a sight on a selected square; the other threw backward over his shoulder.

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I started to study the closings at the College, to prolong the time of discovery of the object. I provoked the viewer to deal with my object, just until he/she found out the clue, and in this way to personalize the object.

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Later I created objects of personal use, clocks, simple music instruments, and various personal patience games. The patience games provide very good possibilities for mediation.

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I like to produce objects, which call the viewer to cooperate. These can be interpreted if you throw something towards them, if you rotate an element, peeking inside or even patting. It is definite what you can do with them.

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Recently I want to show the different moods how we can connect with each other in a relationship. The spectator according to his/her mood of that day can fit this sculpture, interpretable as a yin-yang motif.

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At the Normafa (a forest in the Budapest mountains) I took imprints of the texts and motifs engraved into the trees. These healed wounds convey us the authentic history. They sneak on X and Y, trumpeting the eternal desires of teenagers. I took imprints from trees, marked with red marks, and designed to cut off. Long ago I heard a lecture, where the reader somewhat blunty asserted that there is no accidents but we are just immature.

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Long ago I heard a lecture, where the reader somewhat blunty asserted that there is no accidents but we are just immature.

4/2/2013 Telki





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