Gonzales Gábor

gonzales_gabor-24-274x412“The afternoon wave reared me, the silky brillance of the sun shone across it. Sluggishly running over me, under its arc the time nearly stopped. When returning home from Greece, I knew how I made it of glass. The ‘I would like to live under blue wave’ was made of hot-fused and bended glass. If somebody fondles it, I know he likes it. .



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My uncle dealt with glass, I liked his mastership, so there was no question what to choose, at 15, I entered to the polytechnics of glass industry. When the glass workshop of the College of Applied Arts was established, I was called to enter as instructor.

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Initially I made beads and pendants by glass processing over gas jet. I was hardly able to keep a few. Then I dealt with polished jewelery and pins made of metal-vapourised mirrors by glueing. That time the Idea Co. exhibited them, selling a lot in several European countries.


Enlarging the pins, I made statuettes. For jewelery and later for statuettes, I applied first time the metal-vapourised glass. Glued together and polished, they seem to be a large jewel. When I made one, German, Dutch, Japanese galleries and private collectors grabbed at once.

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The Neues Glass published an article on my mirror cube. Because of the very special internal reflections I considered it as a piece of my ouvre.


Having read this article, a French couple came to me. They figured the cube to themselves into their bathroom. I said I am unable to sell it. They said they would not depart without the cube, and when I could give a price, then they would double it. I decided several times to make a new one.

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For the last seven years I am dealing hot-worked objects. Glass planes are cut first, melted together in furnace, then I polished and bended them in furnace into form. On this bended metal plate the mat-polished glass pane is cautiously heated up, 10-20 centigrade per hour. At 640 centigrade, the object neatly sinks into the form, and the heat gives to it a silk surface. Perhaps related to the personality, somebody likes the mirror-like surfaces, others do the soft forms. It is sure: collectors are different.

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At one time I retired to my Balaton cottage, where I was polishing under the bird twittering. I am not tired of glassworking, on contrary, I enjoy it.”

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He is managing the glass workshop of the MOME (University of Arts and Craft) since 1985. It is a pity that the furnace does not work for years, but they have a brand-new kiln.

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It will be clear after diligent practice only that talent is coupled with ordinance in a student. Few remain in this field. After spending 42 years here I think if I have become known in a given genre, I must change. The glass is brittle and thankless, but a nice material in its kind. I really like.

28/4/2012 Budapest



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