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gaspar_gyorgy-1-274x412.When I was a young boy, I made fire enamel. At home, I turned over the pages of the „Művészet” („Art”), contemplating what point I will become an artist. The prestigious magazine was well balanced, fusing social realism with popart. Yet its themes were uniform: there were dramas, sacrifice of Dózsa, fire, blood, war. My father subscribed this journal. He worked in three shifts, carving wood when returning from the uranium mines. He made this head of the devil.


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Later I realised that everything was inside me. I need to investigate myself, dealing with trivial problems. Why I want to put together everything of small pieces, complicating all? Looking back my childhood, living in a housing estate, I understand now: I had wood cubes only instead of Lego sets. Perhaps because this bitter lack, I am producing now my own wooden toys.

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I’m afraid of the colours, the stained glass is fussy. I was afraid of where I could be. For this reason, I am looking for extreme colours, let the red rage, make me upset, be very horrid! As in the colours, I look for the hardness in the forms and in the technology. Hiding a tear of a process means a kind of switchboard for me.

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It is said there is no functionality in works of today. This is not true. At the University, we learned the constructive thinking, based on the Bauhaus. The title is important, just to start. As an introduction for a book. I create contrasts; let the sculpture move me, forcing me to walk around. I work out an idea, hiding inside the object.

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On the land of volcanoes, at a sequola forest of the harsh North, near the coast of icy sea, where all began forty years ago. Joining to the „Studio Glass” movement, some experimental glass artists established the Pilchuck Glass School, at this magical place putting up Indian tents that time.

(with her wife Zsuzsanna Körödi glass artist as well)

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Since then, a huge campus was constructed. Its role in the glass art is important even by international standards. Dimensions are incomprehensible. For example: 650 VIPs purchased tickets for the Annual Auction Gala, where 350 objects were sold for nearly one and half million dollars.

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I succeeded to teach in Pilchuck as third of Hungarian artists, after Zoltán Bohus and Mária Lugossy. Half of the invited lecturers are from abroad, chosen among the grand masters of the world. Innovative feature of the School is that there are no wishes of ungrantable. Immediately repaired, searched anywhere in the world on short notice or constructed.

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American students arrive there having high technical knowledge. Young girls can blow a glass hamburger of half table size or a giand dinosaur in a minute. They are professionally helped to make their objects in a best way. Our system is another. We ask first: why dinosaur, after all?

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My course was „Free Geometry”. We searched for days the startpoints, how we can edit the cube to display Sex, Death, or any emotion. So we got to the point that one of my students portrayed the earthquake with a faultline crossing a glass cube, instead of presenting bodies lying around. It was a dramatic recognition for all of them.

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He finished the Uranium series after the Line, Alien, and Rocket ones. One of them, titled “Hello CERN” (refering to the large collider) is in the MUDAC Museum in Switzerland An other is at the collection of Elton John. We are mustering the Uranium 2 now. Compared to the others in this series, this object is simplistic and corpulent. “To reduce the weight, I made only one layer of opalic glass. It is more difficult, but instead of 100 kilogram this weights 40 only. For today (21.12.12) on the “end of the world”, I must confess that this sculpture is not empty. I concealed a CD inside”.

28/12/2012 Budapest


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