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In a top floor studio, who would not want to sip coffee while Yves Montand’s songs and Ernő Weszely’s accordion music produce the Paris feeling? What is more: the scene is above the downtown Budapest. Another time while some mediaeval music sounds, around us there are colorful pastels depicting modern unicorns and we just talk on common-day issues: we both love fried spare rib sliced thin rich with crispy salad?




Or do you like to have a tea? You can choose a blend from the shelf decorated with lace. Fine antique pieces. If you are lucky, tea will be served in an Antwerp cup, and when some honey drips to your cup, you can hear the strange story of these blue-white porcelains. Then we talk on the Flemish people, who cover every spot with stone blocks because of much raining. The geometric floor tiles accentuate the beautiful waves of the draperies and the soft movements of the female figures. Meanwhile scented candles are ignited and fine biscuits are crunched. This is an afternoon above the Budapest roofs, eclectic spires around.


“I am proud of my Jász roots. ‘Jász’ is the name of an ethnic group, living in Hungary, originally ‘Alans’, kin to Iranians. They were craftsmen and farmers; their strong wives participated in the house management.” At the reign of Empress Maria Theresia they formed a league, collecting enough money to redeem themselves from the services of the German Knight Order (“redemption”, 1745).


“I attended the last artist’s class of the High School of Arts. The old Sándor Basilides brought the nicest model. I can draw from dawn to night. Still today drawing is my love. Looking at the paper with feverish excitement, something grabs me. My hand starts to move the pencil, the pastel, or the brush. When I am ready, I get curious. I had fantastic masters. Once upon a time Master Barcsay coached me up, because I did not finished a full-length nude. Later he offered excuses, for he did not want to offend me. He, the dear old bachelor, was a wonderful person and a good teacher. He taught anatomy.”


“It is important to me that I am a woman. I did not miss anything important in the life. I work as an artist, but my family, the motherhood, and my partner are important for me. I depict the woman living my feminity. I can gain themes from the life of so many women, a delicate lady living among laces, a city neighbour, elderly village woman, or a successful artistess, whose beauty hides her bitterness. Closing my eyes I see them when I just want. Their tales appear in my pictures. Sorry, the artist takes advantage of the human spiritual life.”


“It is not accidental that hands and feet are accented on my pictures. The artist is able to read from these as from the face. I like the bony, knobbly hands. Mine was so even in my young age. I am not a fashionable artist, I cannot adapt myself to the trendies. I prefer more the classic and Dutch culture. What does it mean? I pay attention to have a main theme, and only this be having the accent. The rest is just a tool to perfect the sight. The emotions must surmount to the visual composition. I do believe that the authentic art comes from our personality. By the way, do you want some cake more?”

17/11/2010 Budapest

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