Budahelyi Tibor

budahelyi_tibor-1-274x181Laying in the chip-lined coffin devoted to the memory of the victims, none of the workers standing around him laughed, even if the situation was bizarre. It is not trendy nowadays to deal with the work victims. There are 24 thousand workshop accidents per year, approximately. And 100 of these ends with death.


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“My life has interwoven with Csepel, part of Budapest. I learned for engine fitter“- he says. Csepel was rated as a stronghold of the socialist industry. He learned here to deal with the metal in virtuoso way, and he started here his career as an artist.

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“Without this craftsmanship, I would have become a bad painter”. He spent the summers in artist’s camps, he has become a sculptor, owing to his master, Tibor Csiky.

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His exhibition titled “Dedicated to my Master” was timed to the 80th birthday of Csiky. “It is a summary of a personal history”, a visibly playful confession with serious thoughts, as he says.

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Fitting in a seriously constructed geometry, mixing of fur-pieces, dowle, pencils, metal chips, other materials generate lyrical effects. Recalling not only the youth skylarking, these objects express the feeling of freedom, when you can afford yourself almost anything, having a mature personality.

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In his atelier favorite or characteristic pieces of a given era are found, as samples, especially medals. Round ones, starting to speak as musical instruments, even if made of metal or wood. It is understood that music has an important role in his life.

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“Palette of Csontváry” – an eye-catching piece, colored by different metals. “I wanted to prove myself that I am able to secede from the circles. In the last ten years I have worked with triangles. I think that after all these years I can perceive the geometry in a humoristic way, so I use a variety of materials. “

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“ I made these glass objects blown in the Tokod glass plant. It is three men’s work. The surfaces were rived by a special procedure. For this reason, these are unique pieces.

There are no enough of medals. New and new exciting pieces are formed, to delight the coin collectors.

6/11/2012 Budapest





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