Bráda Tibor


„At school, drawing was taught by a nun, graduated from the College of Fine Arts. Once she brought to Budapest, to show me the Fine Arts High School. That first time I saw a woman with rouged lips. For a good time I was afraid of women of red lips.



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We used to swim in a spa in Beregfürdő. There was the glass factory. They shoveled the glass debris from the furnaces along the fence of the plant. Glittering colorfully, everyone could bring home big pieces. Hence my attraction for glass originated. During the last twenty years, domestic glass factories closed down. I work from imported glass material. There is an ample but expensive choice. I have got numerous enquiries for lead-glass pictures. I have enough orders. For example, I make color windows for restaurants. One of my windows presents a quite chubby innkeeper; its model was the owner himself. I was careful that he was not fully recognizable.


At the corner, the Corpus consists of triangular prisms. It is a great responsibility to make an ecclesiastic object. It is important what the figures of Jesus and Maria could tell to the man of future.

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Who is this person? “Comenius, the great teacher. This will go to the University of West Hungary, Győr.”


“The Hungarian glass fancy goods masters would bring their knowledge to the grave, rather than put the others wise to the expertise. The knowledge must be transferred! Who will repair with lead these windows after 50 years? If I do not train the young people, my works will surely perish. Even now I hold master courses. Although I am really busy. I already organise the day of the Hungarian Painting in autumn, at the day of St. Luke. The rest of my time is preferred to spend with my family. Once my granddaughter was wandering to and fro at the workshop. Finding a little hammer, she asked: ‘Grandpa, may this hammer mine?’ Of course, but, where is this kid? – I realised. And I heard the glass clicking. Well, my life is nice and rugged!”

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Outside the rain suddenly stopped. He told (perhaps for frightening) that the workshop had a ghost. Here was a stucco and bronze casting workshop before. The rather ruined building was gradually renovated. Then the Mátészalka Theatre gave a huge order. To produce a 360-square meter coffered wood ceiling was a hard work. The wood panes were randomly in piles. We need more space, so we claimed the chamber in the yard, used for emergency housing lot that time. When the people of the City Council opened the chamber, they found two corpses, of a “clochard” well-known in this neighbourhood and of his hostess. A drama of jealous, as assumed.

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Today the room is sufficient and cosy for both glassworks and painting. Yet every year they travel to their favourite place, to Nagybánya. “Once my wife left me on the mountain when I made a picture. I did not notice it, she returned after hours. This picture was made there and that time. It is not usual to make an aquarelle in this big size. I am sure somebody led my brush! Afterward I was surprised with the result and with the size.”

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Later we turned over the pages of an elegant publication of earlier times. “Mougins, the small town in Southern France, is a real city of artists. Picasso lived and died here. The altar of its gothic chapel was an altarpiece of Picasso. It was stolen when the town organized an international exhibition of sacred arts. I brought there a triptych of Our Lady and Hungarian saints. Virgin Mary bears the crown of Matyó Marian Congregate girls. I was honoured to be elected to replace the Picasso altarpiece by my work. In hindsight, I think my altarpiece was the heaviest, and the town is thinking the thieves can surely not take it…

10/12/2010 Budapest



Munkácsy Mihály-díj (1984)

Magyar Köztársasági Érdemkereszt (2002)




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