Botos Péter

botos_peter-1-274x412“The glass is always a surprise. Its artistic value is given by its uniqueness, the proportionments, and the relationship of the materials. This cube is made of a specific glass of high refractive index. The light travels at low speed inside the glass, so at the breaking points it decomposes to the colours of the rainbow, later multiplicated inside. Actually, the cube is a mobile sculpture, except that you have to move.”



There are many different ways to show the beauty of the glass. At the seventies he dealt with Tiffany lamps, but he created lamps of semi-precious stones as well. All of them were jury-accepted. After engaged in the Baroque, Art-noveau, and Art Deco, at the nineties he has got to the abstract geometry and to the sculptures.

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“The artist is playing with the glass an optical game. The question is, how you can present the transparency. For example, what can you do with two of sphere quarter? You can work with these for years, because the infinite number of variations.”


A basic idea is followed by a series of modeling. At the end of this process, there is the miracle, what you only hope. Sometimes the result surpasses what you expected. Before the exhibition opening nobody may see it. Anyhow, minute details can exaggerate the interest of the visitors.

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If an object has an inscription, it becomes a glass trophy. Since the nineties he creates prizes, either simple ones or sculptures for all kinds of occasions and for all kinds of firms. Recently Spielberg received a prize that I made. A firm as well ordered this speaker.

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High level and optical glasses represent a serious value in itself. There are optical glasses of 200 types; each of them has different properties. Special equipment is necessary to process them, mainly used in the industry, when an exact cutting or a perfect surface (e. g. of a sphere) is demanded.

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I am thinking of the glass as a sculptor. It must have something to say, without the domination of the inherent beauty of the glass. For me, the simplicity, the form, and the proportions are dominant.


A sculpture of glass not only a nice object but something full of surprise as well. No other material can produce such a spectacular vision, depending on its outside and inside, shiny or matt surface, colour or colourless. That is why that the range of collectors is expanding every day.

11/5/2013 Diósd





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