“Blue Sky”

DSC_2907Az ISIS  (Institute for Social and European Studies Foundation, see www.isis.hu) and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences organised the First European Blue Sky conference titled “Landscape of Crises – or a New Age of Uncertainty?” at the Buda Castle, between 7th and 10th of November. The international conference, invited social scientists from the most prestigious universities of the world, was treating the most important, global questions of the societies.

DSC_2888 DSC_2889

Cultural events were organised as well for the participants, more than hundred in numbers. We at the Kiskép Art Gallery were asked to organise a contemporary art exhibition in the meeting room.

DSC_2938 DSC_2931

We invited the students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, namely the classes of professors Imre Bukta and József Gaál. The Munkácsy-priced artist, Imre Bukta’s findings and works concerning to the domestic agrarian issues have even global truth, while the works of József Gaál, painter and sculptor, Munkácsy-priced as well, are about the imbruting of the civilisation and about the distorting of humanity.




How the young artists were able to formulate the questions of the society? Keywords were sought: kitsch and brutality, changes in gender role, depression, frustration, murdering, the water, the ephemeral beauty of the technology, family history, the building heritage of the socialism, St. Mary and Jesus, the darkness of the media…


The exhibition was open between 7th and 9th November at the “Jacobin” Hall of the Academy (Országház st. 28-30), visited by English-speaking guided tours.






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