Bálint Ildikó

balint_ildiko-1-274x412“We had an “iron-framed” piano at home. All at once, I closed the lid, it was enough of practice. We stored it at home for a while, then I got my mother to sell it, and to buy a TV set. So it happened. From this time I engaged in the visual arts. “ .




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I acquainted with Endre Lukoviczky, my husband, at the Danube riverside. Two days later he came towards me in the College of Arts and Crafts, where we were matriculated. Since then, we are together-

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The College taught us everything. We learned to draw, paint, weave, restore, all kinds of mural technique. It was a closed world.

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The most difficult is to put a point on the white canvas. I don’t photograph the world, but I want to express feelings. Art is an illusion, and through this we need to indicate a thought, to grasp its essence, and (if possible) to declare a truth.

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Mostly I paint with oil. I paint three or four layers for months. Each layer is connected to a different experience and emotion. I work with watercolour if the fast technique, the freshness and the idea are important.

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Tapestry weaving is like raising children: slow, monotonous and enduring work. Diligence is necessary. The monotony helps me through my hard times.

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The Art Colony is a strange and fascinating world. The studio of a globetrotter artist is fairly beyond imagination. She could tumble on treasures what others leave behind. For her, first of all, the artistic and technical value of an object is capturing. Pennyworth memorabilia of forgotten ages turn on, what an expert can insert into a due ambience. And then these start talking.


Her continual eagerness, always get-upped, and her stories accompanied by broad gestures are fascinating. As if everything would go smoothly in her live. Just thinking one, and she makes an application for a studio in the New Szentendre Art Colony, in construction. Then suddenly she is invited to the US. Swedish trip coming, then a scholarship to Italy, other trips and exhibitions.


“We’ve always worked a lot. We are delighted what we have, frequenting concerts and theatre, we welcome our guests. And, we keen to follow the news of our profession, for the world is seen through our profession.”


2/12/2012 Szentendre




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