Bárdudvarnok – International Glass Studio

DSC_6211On 27th March 1989, ceramic artist Ms. Mária Goszthony died at the age of 96. According her will, her house must continue to serve the art after her death. For there has been a ceramic studio at Kecskemét, the glass artists received the Bárdudvarnok mansion. In a little while, thrillful life moved into the weathered rooms and the richly vegetated courtyards.

DSC_6082 DSC_6063

Around the glass furnaces set up soon both the great old masters and the enthusiastic young followers appeared. Only a few wellknown names: Márton Horváth, Géza Sigmond, Zoltán Bohus, György Buczkó, Ágnes Smetana, Gergely Pattantyús, Balázs Sipos, Melinda Soltész…

DSC_6151 DSC_6166

There is a small museum in the mansion, where the objects created at the site are presented


The estate, often serves as venue for international symposiums, is managed by István Andor, glass designer and artist. At summer, glass art students of the University of Art are getting experience with hot glass.





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