Antigravity is what this exhibition is called where two ways of thinking meet in the most recent works of two glass artists, Bernadett Hegyvári and James Carcass. The works of the former is marked by geometric attitude, while the pieces of her husband are decidedly organic.

Open: 9-31.10.2019

In co-operation with the CAFé Budapest Contemporary Art Festival.

Bernadett HEGYVÁRI (1975) has finished her studies at the University of Craft and Design in Budapest in 1999. After spending 8 years in England she moved back to Hungary and started her hot glass studios with her husband in Tápiószecső. She participates continuously in international and national exhibitions.

In this exhibition she continues the „fragile everyday” series what she has extended the questions further to include what we see and how we see it.

“Although I work with glass, which is normally considered as a material of the applied arts, I create sculptures. Sculptures that are a cross between painting and three dimensional works, therefore putting them into a category is very difficult which is one of my aims. Not being one or the other creates a gentle tension which makes me curious. The game of up and down enhances the uncertainty and allows the viewer to understand the “picture” through the two versions.”

“I am inspired by the sharp light and the uncertain positioning of the elements on the 17th century dutch still life paintings. I like that certain elements are hardly seen whlist others are right ( literally) on the edge. I like this game of hide and seek. It questions the way we see things, the way we create meaning adn what we need to create meaning form what we see.. Light in these paintings is essential as it is for glass and so it is for me.”

James CARCASS (1965) finished his studies at the University of Sunderland Ceramics and glass in 1991. Works in his own hot glass and wood studios in Tápiószecső, Hungary. His works are present in galleries in Hungary and exhibitis and sells his glass and wood sculptures internationally.

These small sculptures of the Wabisabi series take the form of eternal symbols which capture the passage of time and the movement of the universe.







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