3 years after…


Ring in!

Our first post was uploaded on 13th November 2010. Along these 3 years, we visited and reported 116 artists and masters of crafts, praparing huge amount of written and photographed information. The number of blog visitors reached the 100.000 mark. Three consecutive times the mutermek.com was selected as “best ten” by the technical jury of the Goldenblog competition. But, we overgrew the website, we need to change!

Our goal is to facilitate the use of this blog. And we plan new contents as well: presentation of the art objects (paintings, glassworks) being on sale at the KisKép Art Gallery, and reporting events at our gallery as well as around us at the Castle District. Due to technical reasons, order of the artists’ reports changed ⎯ the date of the interviews is at the end of the text.


We’d like to thank the visitors interested in contemporary arts and rare crafts for their constant attention, for reading both the Hungarian and English version. With these thoughts, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!



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